Foreign Food Trends


Thanks! This sounds good. Where is it? I live in Hsinchu County. Sounds like a nice weekend adventure.


There’s a few locations in Taipei/New Taipei and one in Taoyuan.


Probably won’t help you, but we ate at a “Cal-Mex” (their description) restaurant near the Hsinchu Science Park. Hmmm…how to explain. It was about the same you would get at a medium chain restaurant in the US/Canada. A few steps above Taco Bell. All the cheesy, sour cream, guacamole goodness you came to expect from suburban US Mexican fare.

Coincidentally, there is a “Super Taco” place that is almost a direct rip-off of Taco Bell. Also in Hsinchu City.


There’s a great Korean place in Kaohsiung, I forgot many of you guys don’t live in taipei. My cousin actually came from Korea and opened it. Let me find some info after my vacation. I get some stuff shipped to me from him.


Man, I miss Seoul. :frowning:


I live in Kaohsiung. What’s the name/location?


That actually sounds awesome. I wish there was a “Super Taco” here! :slight_smile:


Check this thread for some discussion on tacos or Texmex…


Hi Ranlee, thank you, there is a really good Taco and California style burrito restaurant in Shida. I will give you the name when I find it again. :slight_smile:


Hi DrewCutz, there is a good Korean fast food restaurant in the food court of Xinpu station. They have chili marinated tofu that is really good :slight_smile:


Ill find it when I get back. In Italy now. I’m not familiar with Kaohsiung at all so I can’t really say off the top of my head. Remind me if I forget about it. But it’s excellent, he brought food for my mom once all the way from Kaohsiung after my moms last round of chemo and had a huge meal.


I’m not too much of a food snob to turn my nose up at a little Taco Bell every now and then. I’ll have to check these places out next time I’m down in Hsinchu. Do you know the exact locations?


As luck would have it, I was in Hsinchu City today and I was looking for these places to give you the locations.

It appears that the Cal-Mex place is gone. I could not find it. It used to be on Guangfu Rd between NOVA and Starbucks. Funny enough, Starbucks is gone, too. I thought you couldn’t kill them nuclear radiation!

The other place is actually called “Taco House” and it is on Sanmin Rd, Lane 3. No. 13. How to get there, assuming you are driving, is to go west on Dongda Rd from Zhonghua Rd. You will see it on your right. I have included pictures. Sorry, no guac on the menu, most likely for the previously discussed expense of avocados. I cannot personally speak for the meat side, but from what I am told the meat tacos, etc are spot on for Taco Bell. They even have tator tots!! I grew up in Wyoming, we had a place called Taco Johns, a sad TB knock-off. They had tator tots and called them something else…too old, cannot remember.

The vegetarian versions are simply meat versions minus the meat. So, using that measure, do not get your hopes up too high. As mentioned in this thread, there are two ways to get something in Taiwan, or anywhere. Take what you can get, or do it yourself. Anyway, enjoy the pics and menu.



There was a place called Taco House in Denver. My sister used to joke, because one day she saw a cook stiring chili while smoking a cigarette


You lived in Denver? I did 9th grade in Aurora. Smoky Hill HS.

Ah…Casa Bonita…I wonder how a little cliff diving with your sopapilla would go here?

A Fat Tire sounds nice, too!


That is so awesome that you know all of that. I like the chicken tacos at Casa Bonita. My sister’s ex boyfriend loved Fat Tire. That is awesome you are from Aurora :slight_smile:. I am from Arvada

It is funny, there is a guy who is training at TWBJJ for the next two weeks who is from Denver.

Also, I remember your post from yesterday, and I saw this walking back to my apartment and I thought that you may like it. It is not falafel though :frowning:. its right by TWBJJ


More or less opposite sides of the metro area!

What is TWBJJ?

After LODO got revitalized, didn’t Denver more or less become the microbrew capital? Chalk up to another longing…microbrews! A decent priced IPA!


You are right. But I really do like Aurora. It has tons of good restaurants.

It’s just Taiwan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Zhongzheng.

Yeah, it definitely did. There are microbreweries everywhere. Even the Tivoli converted space to a microbrewery. I was telling my dad how I liked Taichung so much, because all of the restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment, and laid back feel remind me of LoDo.

It has become super expensive though. My dad had to buy a house in Longmont because he could not afford a house in the metro area. My brother, who lives on the border of Denver and Arvada, and workers at King Soopers, he might have to move, because his rent for a two bedroom is about to go up to $1350 USD.


Turkish! I will have to wear my “ես հիշում եմ!” shirt.

There are döner places all over in Amsterdam (and I can only guess elsewhere in Europe, particularly Germany). The döner shop at the Sloterdijk station is tops! So is the one in Aris.

I guess falafel just does not work here. If only they would give it a chance!

The spinach pita sounds good. Where is this TWBJJ? I must try this place.