Foreign Food Trends


That is neat you were in Amsterdam. :slight_smile:

I know right. I love falafel.

Here is the address for the restaurant
No. 60號, Section 2, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104

And TWBJJ is only a block away if you ever want to start training. I am sure everyone would be happy to have you train there :slight_smile:


Sababa’s various locations seem to do alright with falafels and other Middle Eastern standards.
There’s also a chain (Australian, I believe) called Doner Kabab.
They’re (at least) in the Vieshow (formerly Warner Village) complex in Mitshukoshi land northeast of 101.
They serve passable falafels.
Although they ascribe to the common myth that Taiwanese people don’t eat lamb/goat (which is a total fallacy) and offer only chicken and beef shwarma/doner/donair/gyros, which is kind of a travesty.


I won’t be back in Taiwan till September, but I’ll definitely be checking out Taco House. Thanks for the write-up!


Potato Oles!!

I’d kill for a 90 Schilling! Odell’s stayed much less mainstream than New Belgium.

All of Colorado. I read somewhere that there were something like 500 microbreweries there.


Grew up in Longmont. My parents are still there! It’s actually getting pretty expensive there too, since it is Boulder County.


Ah, damn. We have a mini-Front Range Crew here. Do people still use that word? I am so old.

Before we moved back to Wyoming, my parents looked for a place in Longmont. At the time it was hella cheaper than living in Denver, or the immediate metro. Lakewood was another possibility.

At one point, I believe, FastTrax was supposed to run a line to Longmont.


They definitely still use that term. Grandparents are still in Aurora. I moved here from Fort Collins, hence the craving of a 90 Schilling.


Oh, memories of Ft Ram come to mind. Is that place still open?

Once, a cycle club in Laramie made a bet with a cycle club in Ft Collins during a Ram v Cowboys game. The visiting team cycled to the town. If they won, they got a free ride home. If their team lost…it was a long ride back. We wanted to carry the boot once, but we were told rather emphatically…no.

I just want an IPA. I have been here so long…the lager thing is wearing on me. Guinness got old a long time ago. I saw Sam Adams once…missed opportunities.

This is awesome!


Ft. Scam closed down a while ago. From what I remember, something else opened up in the same spot, but also closed. And now I think it’s a putt-putt/go-kart place. Don’t quote me on that, it’s been quite some time for me.

CSU had a similar bet with CU when I was still in the Fort. Loser’s class president had to make the WALK from the opposing campus!

I hear ya 'bout the lager! 7-11 has a pretty good IPA now called a Hopbot from Hopcity. It’s a tall boy at 473 ml. Saw the Sam Adams Rebel IPA at Carrefour a couple of weeks ago and grabbed one to try out. Not bad. Not as hoppy as the Hopbot.

Also, just found out Costco got their Craft Brewed Ales back! It’s a 24 pack of 4 varieties; IPA, Pale Ale, Session IPA, and a Kolsch (German lager). It’s a steal at 999 NT!


Hey JB, I also love IPAs. Yeah, the beer scene truly fucking sucks in Taiwan. But at speciality stores and even the beer section at Jason’s, you can get really marked-up IPAs (I mean like 120-160 NTD a can). I came across a Dorado Double IPA from Ballast Point Brewing recently. Could only get one, because the price is hard to justify. My trick is to buy a lot of crappy, cheap beers like Heineken (ugh), and then finish off with a nice expensive stout or IPA, so I can end on a good note.


I don’t like IPA but I think Taipei and Taiwan is better now for drinking beer than it has ever been. Lots of new beers and lots of new beer places a lot of people interested.

There’s so many places opening up at a lot of them don’t even survive past 6 months or a year or two.


Hey Drew, grab that case of craft brewed ales at Costco. Comes out to just under NT$42/bottle. You won’t be disappointed. :2cents:


Thanks! I’ll check it out. :+1:


Ft. Scam? It wasn’t that bad. Or at least the times I went. (91-93ish) The Colorado Countdown on Saturdays was a trip. They would play Switch 625 with a space montage, then do the national anthem. Hurricanes and Long Islands were a $1.

I am gonna have to hit that Costco pack. Oh yeah! Thanks a ton!


This is the place.


Hi @JB_IN_TW, I found this right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the location
No. 1, Alley 8, Lane 316, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100


Oh wow, I have been there. It is decent, and they really try. But, the portions are painfully small. More like sample sizes. Its been a few years, so maybe it has changed. But, in a fix, it hits the spot.


I wonder if a Sonic would work here. Cherry Limeade anyone?


I love the shakes at Sonic. I wonder if Chipotle would work here?


While its not my preference, i think youre right. I bet Chipotle would be wildly successful (no one would use the beans though).