Foreign Masters Student Fall Intake 2021

Hey guys, currently awaiting the results of my Masters application for Taipei Tech to start studying in September 2021. Don’t worry, I won’t be asking if anyone knows if we will be allowed entry, as I know no one can currently predict in the current climate.

Just wanted to make this post to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me - nervously awaiting the result of their Masters/Student application and then the uncertainty of whether we will actually be allowed in to study.

If so, what are your current thoughts?

No need to be nervous. At this point, it’s out of your hands.

On Monday, you could reach out / send an email to NTUT’s Office of International Affairs (or whoever is your department contact) to politely ask about the timeline. Then at least you’ll know when you’ll know.


Thanks a lot, Guy. Great advice. I do know that results are being released on June 4th. So will begin to worry more about the entry restrictions after that date.

For now, it’s been quite a lonely experience going through all the application process and the waiting in uncertainty. So it’s great that I found this forum to hopefully find others in a similar boat to me.

I appreciate your reply!

Well that’s next week, so just hold tight.

Keep in mind quite a significant percentage of staff in unis in Taiwan are currently working from home or away from their regular office (the rule I think is only 25% of workers can be present at any given time). So if there is a delayed response, that may be why.

Good luck with this!


If Level 3 (or even Level 4) persists, you might not even be able to live on campus or have actual face-to-face classes. So your time here might also be a bit lonely at first. Just something to consider when making your decision.

Ah thank you for that info. I will keep that in mind. Good luck to you too!

Thank you! :blush:


Ah yes, good point. I do already have an existing life in Taiwan after being there last year, so that will help numb the loneliness somewhat. For now, I am just eager to get back and begin my studies if I can. So fingers crossed for good news and improved situation.

Pan Wenzhong said that the current plan will give priority to overseas degree students, including freshmen of degree students, and Chinese scholarship students (recipients of the Chinese Language Scholarship of the Ministry of Education), a total of about 13,000 people, and will gradually plan to come to Taiwan in batches. In the future, in accordance with the past priorities, we will consider opening up short-term Chinese students, exchange students and other identities.