Foreign Professionals - Visa relaxation policy change

we’re about 80 employees and not very well known, and i’m the first foreigner to work for them. I’m impressed they got it right on the first attempt.

i don’t use my degree for my job either, and almost came over before i graduated a couple of years back, so that might have been interesting.

also to native english speakers coming over and not sure what to do, companies seem quite happy to employ people to work in sales / marketing especially dealing with english speaking and european companies.

lost swede you might be interested in this too: … highlight=

Crimpster given that when I worked for a multi-national insurance company they couldn’t get me a work visa I am very impressed with your employer. Gong Xi!

yeah i heard that change was in the air, glad its come to fruition.

Have a look at this :

i was debating with my friend before i started the application if mine would go straight down the LHS of the flow chart. As it turned out it did with no indication of having the leave the country. Previously i think all applications went down the RHS of the flow chart. I’ll try and find out how they did it for future reference.
This website is pretty informative too: … e=113&mp=2

ARC arrived today, so it seems the procedure has changed as suggested previously

Well the ROC has to do something. This is just one of many reason why professionals go to China. Others are:

  1. Visas for China are easier to get.
  2. Companies in Taiwan are cheap.
  3. Companies in China hire expats for overseas business.
    and many others.

A good example would be lets say ICRT or Radio Taiwan International. In China broadcasters that have English networks hire people with broadcasting backgrounds. i.e BBC, NPR, CBC ect ect ect
If you want a job at ICRT or RTI you just need to be an english teacher.