Foreign Service

Hello. Quick question. Have any of you taken the second round of testing for the U.S. Foreign Service? I mean, after the written test there is an oral assessment and such. There’s a reading list on the State Dept. Website – has anyone read these books?
Who knows?

I’ve taken the oral test. What do you want to know exactly? How to pass it? It is essentially a test of your writing and speaking skills combined with a bit of a personality/thinking test. The best preparation would probably be practicing writing essays and public speaking or debate. A better quesiton than how do you pass it is what do you do if you pass it. I would talk to a lot of people before making a decision.

What made you change your mind then?

I decided not to join. Initially, I was very excited, but I was uncomfortable with the idea of representing American foreign policy. Also, I didn’t like the idea of being a glorified clerk and having to live where I was told. Finally, I lived in DC at the time and I didn’t want to have anything more to do with that sad little city (beautiful place though). Those were the main reasons. I do have friends in the Foreign Service who seem to like it, however, and there are some good benefits. I would also say that the testing process results in a wide variety of people getting hired which makes it more interesting. I would think about all these issues before taking the test.