Foreign Spouses' amended Work Permit regulations

Richard, in an email to me earlier this month you mentioned something about having news concerning amended Work Permit regulations on January 16th. Any news as yet?


No we are still waiting. Third Reading was on Dec. 21, 2001, in the Legislative Yuan. Now it is to be promulgated by President Chen.

This promises to be very important news.

Those looking for a preview can check the 立法院公報 Lifayuan Gongbao of 29 December 2001. Article 51-1-5 (p. 446) appears to give permanent residents the right to work. More precisely, permanent residents will be able to directly apply to the Council of Labor Affairs for work permits. Article 51 also exempts permanent residents from Article 46-1’s restrictions on what kinds of work foreigners can do. This is very good news indeed.

Again, as Richard said, the law has not yet been formally announced by the president, and I’m pretty sure that the Council will need to revise its regulations before it will accept applications. In the meantime it looks like it’s time to get going on those permanent residency applications!


You have a copy of the Lifayuan Gongbao of 29 December 2001??? To me, this means that you are actively following developments in the Legislative Yuan!!!

I salute you!!! When can I buy you lunch? Let’s exchange notes sometime!

In the spirit of the above news, will the holder of a JFRV be considered a permanent resident? Or is there a multi-year waiting period?


Those married to local ROC citizens who have obtained residency based on that marriage are of course included in the “relaxed” regulations.