Foreign streaker in Hualian

The China Post today has a small story about a foreign man who took off his pants, exposed himself to five high school girls in their Sunday classroom, began “mas tur bating” – according to one of the girls quoted – after saying “I wanna teach you English” and then when the girls told a security guard, the guy ran off, and they didn’t chase him or find him. TVBS showed security camera film of the event yesterday.

If true, weird. A true pervert. Anybody in Hualien know more about this?

The article is not online. Back page of the newspaper today.

China post? Maybe they made it up. My buddy said something about this too, and he reads the Taipei Times…Hmmmm… I can’t find it online either. it wasn’t me…can’t prove a thing…
Well, those are five girls that won’t wonder too much about foreingers. :astonished:

Its true…I saw it on the news last night.

The Post article read something like this:

TEXT: An alien walked into the Girls Senior High SChool in Hualien on Sunday afternoon while five girls were studying and doing homework and told them he wanted to teach them English. He then took off his trousers and exposed himself, repeating that he could teach them English. The girls screamed at the sight of him, ran to the security guards who immediately chased the alien away. The girls told the police that the alien started “mas _ tur _ bating” in front of them and left when they screamed. Having put his pants back on, the man ran away. Security cameras caught the man in the act, and parts of the video were shown on a local TV show on Sunday night.

The article doesn’t specify which planet this alien came from, but I guess we will find out in tomorrow’s other newspapers, or next Thursday’s NEXT magazine.

Could have been sandman “cutting diamonds” on the east coast :laughing: .

Foreigner perverts. I’ll bet the local media is having a field day. There are, after all, no Taiwanese perverts running around.

It’s been interesting that no one here in Hualien seems to be able to figure out just who this “alien” is… and believe me, a number of us are trying to figure it out! No one appears to recognise him from the news footage.

The only things we have heard, other than on the news and in the China Post today is that he is European, and that he apparently also was at another school on Saturday when a male student observed him walking down a corridor, removing his clothes. The student followed him until two security guards chased him off the grounds. As well, I hear through the grapevine that he was caught, had his “hand slapped” and was “told not to do this again”. How true is this? I haven’t a clue. Geeez… gotta wonder sometimes!

Yeah, I saw the security camera clip on TV. They put a blur over whatever he was doing with his private parts. He had longish blond hair. He looked a bit like Kevin Costner, I thought.

Those aliens all look alike. Except for the Arcturans, of course.

He might be a backpacker who came to Taiwan for a visit, and after years and years dropping LSD in Goa and Phuket, decided to come to Taiwan and drop his pants for high school girls. Must be a great backstory to this. This leads so far are intriguing.

He had his hands slapped? Anything else slapped?

The photo should be in APPLE DAILY today.

Actually, I believe the text of the China Post story called him a “half-streaker.”