Foreign wives, please share your story

I am a professional photojournalist and doing a story on “Foreign Brides” for The Earth: Chinese Geographic Monthly --a very good magazine that has been around for 10-15 years. I have worked with them for about ten years. Here is a little blurb about the project:

The numbers of marriages between Taiwanese/ROC or Taiwan passport holders and others has been increasing at a great rate the last few years, though arranged marriages between Taiwanese men and Vietnamese women had been documented as long as 20 years ago. The majority are matches between Vietnamese or Mainland Chinese women with local men. But there are also women from many other countries that have chosen to marry and settle here. There has been a lot of media coverage of many issues surrounding the conditions and situations of these marriages, especially on the negative side of the story for Vietnamese and Chinese women and well, perhaps the optimistic or idealistic side for Westerners. The team working on this story thinks there is, if not misrepresentation, then at least lack of objective coverage of this story in the media. So, The Earth: Chinese Geographic Monthly is aiming to do an overall review of the situation as deeply and objectively as possible. We are looking at legal, social, educational, domestic, and economic issues through research through different outlets and personal interviews/photo documentation.

I am posting here in hopes that there are some women out there with a variety of stories that would like to be included in this documentary. If you are one, please contact me at

I am from the US, been in Taiwan 12 years or so since 1986. I married my Taiwanese husband two and a half years ago and have a one and a half year old son.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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