Foreign Women and Taiwanese Men

What’s all this rag about Taiwanese women with foreign men?

Lots of us foreign ladies adore Taiwanese men, as much, if not more.
The ones we usually choose to be with are intelligent, interesting, fun, sexy, absolutely fuckin gorgeous, smooth-skinned, very cuddly, warm, tender, considerate, generous and stable.
Their willies aren’t nearly as tiny as you all seem to think, and they have tight, hairless bottoms. mmmmmmmm…

Let’s hear from you other gals who’ve got a thing for Taiwanese hotties!

I have dated many Taiwanese and foreign men and really prefer the former. I find it much easier to dominate Taiwanese men. If I want something they will buy it for me no questions asked. If I state an opinion they are less likely to argue.

Also, I’m not really such a sexual person, and really appreciate the three minute ramming sex sessions, as opposed to the hairy, sweaty hour long, multi position sexual extravaganza which leaves me sore.

Currently I am dating the ideal Taiwnese man. He is studying business and really wants to have his own Mercedes one day. You know, I think he will. I really do.

As a gay male I definitely agree! The fab smooth bodies and the hairless tight bottoms are heaven.

As for easy to dominate…? Mmmm…???
My b/f can be a real demanding b***h sometimes, but so can I, and love conquers all.

geee… I wish I could meet a foreign woman here in taiwan, but I only meet men(i’m not gay)so,(can’t believe I’m doing this) if there are any foreign women the ages of 24-30 who are interested in making friends, I’m 32 and I’m chinese, and I speak english fluently. Please send me an e-mail, I guarantee you I will write back.

Fair play to those girls who like taiwanese lads…and as much as i cant stand gold-digging whores…its fair enough as its the equivalent of us saying “taiwanese girls are so hot, and slim, and suck c0ck for fun” and so on.
Im really pleased for the girl whos partner hopes to get a mercedes one day. hang on im a little slow, that post must be a wind-up right?

Sorry, but with scant exeptions, all the foreigner women I have seen in Taiwan over the years look like they would be more suited for barking at the moon than going out on a date.
Whew! Talk about dogs!

I have seen a few attractive foreign women dating Taiwanese men… at about the same ratio as attractive foreign women dating foreign men. I think it is an interesting topic in general, but would enjoy a conversation about ***** size more. Does anyone have statistical proof that Asian men generally have smaller penises than foreign men or statistical proof that Asian women have smaller vaginas than foreign women? Can we start a topic about this or does Angst deem it undiscussable?

And let’s not forget foreign men – why, I bet most of them don’t even HAVE vaginas at all! You’re a great big stinky TROLL!

This is probably going to antagonize a certain someone, but here goes…

We do see a few (very few) foreign women with Chinese/Taiwanese men. A few with Japanese men. A few with Koreans. But. If you go to Indonesia, you see MANY, MANY foreign women with Indonesian men.

Any ideas why???

Perhaps the foreigner women dating local Asian men might have something to do with the numbers of females in a given country. Are there more foreigner women in Indonesia than Taiwan? Also, is there a more relaxed cultural atmostphere regarding foreigners in Indonesia?

Surely the difference in condom sizes between here and the west is all the proof that is needed of a difference in ***** size. (I also remember an amusing news story from a year or so back. The Nigerians returned a countainer load of condoms sent by the US as part of some aid package, too small apparently. Ouch, that must have hurt US pride!) So I think different races clearly differ in size.

As for differences in vagina size, I guess it is harder to say. I mean they are more, shall we say, flexible?

Still, a good Chinese mate of mine swears there is a difference in size. After making a couple of local girlfriends back in NZ he swore off local women, saying he was wearing himself out trying to get them to orgasm. He claimed it was the size difference.

Well, that’s my contribution to science.

Alien, I think it is a valid discussion. It has touched so many other topics thoughout Oriented discussions. As for being faceless… feel free to e-mail for your own private meeting (I wouldn’t shy away from my opinions).

And SCL, I have no idea about performance. I have my guesses, but such things could never be objectively measured, whereas wee-wee size can be.

So far, the circumstantial evidence of the smaller condom is the best we have. Although, I am sure that there have been studies done on this.

"My conclusions, I guess, can be based on my observations clinically," says Dr. Robert Stubbs, a Canadian ***** -enhancement surgeon. "I think there is definitely a racial difference, and at this point - and I'm quite prepared to be proven wrong - there are three sizes: black, white and yellow (Asian), in descending order."

So I guess that’s about it, eh?

  1. That study above pointed out a (weak) statistical correlation between race (black, white, yellow) and size. For further evidence, one just needs to go to the Cal. gym and watch the locals blow-drying themselves (yuech), observe condom size in a country (as stated above), or look at a hardcore porn picture.

1.a. Within the cultural generalisation, physical size & fat is important, as are feet. Hence a strong asian (think Mr ABCbigfoot) may be as well (or better) endowed as a slim short whitie…

  1. Many women really enjoy larger size. Most women, however, need direct clit stimulation…hence lover skill may be useful at certain times.

I also agree with Dbbowman that it is a valid disucussion. Like he says, it has been touched on in numerous other threads.

It seems a sensitive issue. People are always very quick to jump up and say 1 - no difference exists OR 2 - If a difference exists it is irrelevant.

I find both of these responses a bit silly. Every other part of the human anatomy tends to differ in size (between both races and individuals), so why should penises be different? And if they do differ in size, why shouldn’t the difference make a difference in bed (at least to a certain percentage of women)? Sure, maybe it is unimportant to a some women, and maybe important to others. Does this seem reasonable? Could I even dare to say that, all other things being equal, size might actually make a difference to the majority of women?

This seems kind of patently obvious to me. Hardly radical stuff.

Sure, there are more important things to worry about, but hell, if we have nothing better to do why not flog this horse until its, if not actually dead, at least a little sore?

Now, I guess I have something to say to Alien (sorry, I don’t quite know how to do the quotes thing, but you can see my original post and her reply below)

Originally posted by kiwi:

he swore off local women, saying he was wearing himself out trying to get them to orgasm. He claimed it was the size difference.

Reply by Alien

This has to be one of the most sexist and ridiculously misinformed ideas I’ve ever heard! Hello, women don’t necessarily orgasm vaginally! It takes a man with “G-spot radar” to do that trick. Sounds like your boy may have some anatomical issues leading to his lack of sexual prowess.

As for nobs and holes, and their sizes on various races, this discussion is more suitable for our friends at Tealit, don’t you think? Perhaps you could start a thread there called, ‘length or girth?’

Alien, can you please tell me what is sexist about what my friend said? Also, please tell me what is misinformed about it?

The first part, ‘sexism’ . . . Sorry, but I just don’t get how his statement was ‘sexist’. It was just something my friend said to me. Sexist implies that my friend was somehow degrading women. I don’t see how he was being degrading, he was just reporting his experience.

The second part, ‘misinformed’. . . My friend had no problems getting these women to orgasm, he just wasn’t doing it with his ***** . I got the impression he was most adept with his hands, tongue, or whatever. Well OK, I guess that was what he told me (: . Still, I knew one of the girls he was with, and she seemed delighted with him. However, and this is my point, my friend found the whole thing not really to his taste, and he felt that the problem came down to size. He also felt things were easier with Asian women.

Now OK, all of the above is just one guy’s subjective opinion. But I don’t think we should be too quick to call him ‘misinformed’. I think calling him ‘misinformed’ is really just a way of saying that we don’t like to hear what he has to say.

BTW Alien, you mentioned my friend’s “lack of sexual prowess”. My original message wasn’t supposed to give that impression. He was actually very popular with the ladies, and I imagine they found him a delight to share a bed with.

Last point. . . Yes, I think we all know that ‘women don’t necessarily orgasm vaginally’. I feel you are patronizing me a tad here.

I guess I’m singling you out with this post Alien. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to piss you off. I just think you have got my friend’s meaning (and my conclusions) a little wrong. But hey, no hard feelings! Just ignore me if I’m annoying you.

Finally, I don’t really see this topic as purile (as Alien seemed to suggest with the comments about Tealit etc.). I think it is kind of interesting. I also think these sexual issues can influence cross cultural/racial interactions in other areas. This makes it quite an important background issue in our lives here.

After reading the above link, I couldn’t resist doing a little research myself. The pen1s-size survey quoted in the above link was conducted by the Alfred Kinsey Intitute and was for a cross-section of US college students. It would (I assume) include asian, anglo-saxon, latin-american and afro-carribean ethnicities, and probably a whole lot more. Unfortunately, no sample size was quoted. The link also quotes the result of a study conducted in Brazil, but furnishes no details.
Link: Detailed results
Though i could convince myself that such a study has scientific worth, i don’t think i could wrap my head around the idea of a study that specifically targeted ethnic groups to identify if pen1s size was related to ethnicity.
Who would sponsor such research? What possible purpose could it serve? It’s maybe about time some people on this thread started asking themselves what they’re trying to prove and why.

Good points, Monkey. The only medical use I know for measuring pen1s length is for identifying “micropen1s” (usually an endorine-related problem) in infants. A couple of small studies have shown small racial differences in the average length in newborns–about 1-2 mm on average.

For God’s sake ! Of course, it matters!

You must be talking 'on the flop. That couple of mill difference would significantly “expand” to a comfortable lead at the sight of a beautiful erotic woman. :smiley: :sunglasses:

I almost thought better than to wade into the fray on this rather interesting discussion about size and race, but then life’s short, so well, here I am. Just thought I’d throw out an interesting comment a friend of mine once made to me. She’s an attractive, shapely yet thin brunette who gets more than her fair share of attention from men. I knew her in high school, and at one point she had a boyfriend who was Asian American, whom I knew as well. He was medium height, definitely on the thin side. A few years out of college, I was hanging out with this same brunette friend, and we got to talking about this old boyfriend. She had the most interesting comment, which I still remember to this day. Apparently before and after him, she hadn’t dated any other Asians, more due to chance and opportunity I suppose. Her other boyfriends (at least the ones I knew of) were Caucasians. Anyway, her comment was that this Asian guy was the best lover she’d had of all those previous lovers. He just knew how to bring her to orgasm better than the other guys, probably involving significant amounts of foreplay. At least in my own experience, the foreplay side of things is pretty damn important to women…