Foreign Women and Taiwanese Men

good comment…without doubt foreplay is valuable. Still, your comment may say something about the ability of the ave. US or Aussie male, as opposed to Danish, French, Swedish, Kiwi, Brit, or Taiwanese men.

You also don’t mention size, which is valid-as Feng shui pointed out.

Also, the Chu Mei Fong video…helped by the clock at the bottom of the screen, I observed foreplay of 38 minutes, actual action of 7 minutes. Unbalanced, I feel. At least 10 minutes each way may be better.

The other question I have to ask is-why is all the onus on the men? Do women perform as well?

My last comment on this subject before getting a better log-in name I leave to Jerry Seinfeld:

"There’s very little advice in men’s magazines, because men don’t think there’s a lot they don’t know. Women do. Women want to learn. Men think, “I know what I’m doing, just show me somebody naked.”
(Jerry Seinfeld)

Originally posted by kiwi:

he swore off local women, saying he was wearing himself out trying to get them to orgasm. He claimed it was the size difference.

Reply by Alien

This has to be one of the most sexist and ridiculously misinformed ideas I’ve ever heard! Hello, women don’t necessarily orgasm vaginally! It takes a man with “G-spot radar” to do that trick. Sounds like your boy may have some anatomical issues leading to his lack of sexual prowess.

As for nobs and holes, and their sizes on various races, this discussion is more suitable for our friends at Tealit, don’t you think? Perhaps you could start a thread there called, ‘length or girth?’

Alien, can you please tell me what is sexist about what my friend said? Also, please tell me what is misinformed about it?

Should be friggin obvious really.

Old Freud reckoned that women only got ‘natural’ orgasms from vaginal fu(king. The ‘other’ kind of orgasm - clitoral stimulation - was for women who had pshcological/sexual problems that prevented them from having a nice healthy natural orgasm. They were deviants. This was accepted wisdom for a long time, and seems to be what kiwi boy or his mate stil believe - ie to get a woman to come you gotta have a big enough dick to ‘stimulate the vaginal canal’ (as Freud more or less put it).

Well try reading the Hite report (results of a huge number of sexual interviews with American women) which is already about 30-40 years old. It blows away the whole ‘vaginal orgasm with deviant clitoral orgasm’ theory for once and for all.

Basically if your mate things he can’t satisfy kiwi girls because his dicks not big enough to make them cum, he’s obviously ridiculously uninformed or very sexist (of the ‘what women really need is a good root’ variety).



Read my post and Alien’s reply again. I don’t get the ‘misinormed’ and ‘sexism’ parts. So I guess is isn’t “friggin obvious”.

I guess limitations of space, the medium, and the controversial(?) subject matter are getting in the way of the message.

Once again, I didn’t mean to imply my friend wasn’t satifying the NZ girls. I think he was, but he just wasn’t finding it the same kind of experience as with the asian girls.

And no, he doesn’t fit into the ‘all women need a good root’ sterotype. I feel you are being a little offensive by implying that. He was just making a comment based on his own experience.

I think things are getting off track here. . .

Sure, foreplay is important, technique is important, psychology is important (that certain someone is going to drive you crazy whatever they do, and however ineptly they do it). All kinds of little factors are important. . . No controversy on this.

But the moment somebody suggests that, all other things being equal, size might also be important, common sense flies out the window.

Seems kind of odd to me.

And I don’t think there’s any secret agenda attached to talking about this - as per some of the suggestions above that by talking about this we must be trying to ‘prove’ something (i.e. something beyond the immediate topic at hand). . .

What if I wanted to build a a case for Belgian beer beging tastier than US beer; would that mean I was promoting some kind of Belgian fascism/racial superiority? Maybe even trying to overthrow democracy as put an oligarchy of Trappist Monks into the White House? (sinister stuff eh?)

Hmm. . . Can’t I just enjoy my beer and leave it at that?

Volume 32 of the journal Aktuelle Urologie recently ran a study on premature ejaculation by N. Kreutzer, F. Sommer, T. Klotz and U. Engelmann. Three groups of 15 men - one comprising patients complaining of premature ejaculation, one of healthy volunteers and the other of European urologists - were asked to have their sexual intercourse timed by their partners using a stop watch. The results were as follows:

“In group 1 (patients with premature ejaculation) an average period of 2 minutes and 32 seconds was recorded between start of intercourse and ejaculation. In group 2 (healthy volunteers) the average time was 3 minutes and 1 second. The differences were not statistically significant. The average time in group 3 (urologists) was 5 minutes and 58 seconds.”

The team concluded that “the subjective impression of patients of ‘too early ejaculation’ is not sufficient to establish the diagnosis of premature ejaculation.”

All of which leads me to say two things:

(1) subjective impressions from anyone means didley scientifically.
(2) if a woman is really interested in staying power, they obviously should be dating the urologists.

Oh alright. It just seemed from your original post

he swore off local women, saying he was wearing himself out trying to get them to orgasm. He claimed it was the size difference.

that he seemd to think having a big dick was a prerequisite for getting western women to climax. I wasn’t saying that if this was the case he was sexist AND misinformed, but sexist OR misinformed.

If that’s not the case, then I don’t mind really. Nothing personal OK?


Now here is an interesting question.

Does anyone else sense a prevalent trend in western culture for women to constantly be sexually disparaging about men?

I’m thinking Terril’s post here. She wasn’t being that disparaging really. But the comments about a sexually competent boyfriend who could “do it right” being a “rare find” just seem like such ‘western woman’ comments to make. The comment on “why in the world would any woman want the average foreign guy” is also interesting, with its implication that the ‘average guy’ is somehow deficient. Ouch, that’s a lot of deficient guys out there!

I find the way this kind of attitude has become so accepted in our culture curious.

Are western guys really more awful in the sack than the global average? Or perhaps sex tends to be incredibly unfulfilling to western women for some other reason? Is it a feminist thing, that running down men is somehow empowering? Have relations between the sexes in the west really become that bad?

Any thoughts?

You have been seen too much scenes here, always a male westener with female taiwanese. Does there any foreign women with taiwanese men?

Just wondering, cause the same thing also happened in other countries.

What’s strange is that while you very seldom see foreign women with locals, it’s very common in Indonesia. In fact, the joke in Bali is that Ubud is run by the “White Mafia”…all the western women who have married local men and run successful businesses. And you also see many Japanese women with Indonesian husbands. Something think about. You very seldom see Western men with Balinese women…

Just one example:

One of my colleagues, a tall thin red-head raves about Taiwanese men; a friend of mine who is blond, petite and horny has returned to Korea. This is a non-issuse. Personal preferences will take care of this. Who cares?

I know of foreigner women who have married Taiwanese men. Exactly three couples (an American, a Canadian, and a Nigerian). I’m sure it happens more often, but maybe a 1 in 1000 (or higher) ratio to taiwanese women to foreigner men. I’ve come to accept the fact that the dating here is pretty out of reach for me and may be the only reason why I leave Taiwan…when I leave Taiwan. If I leave Taiwan…

I once heard about a Polish woman, who married a taiwanese man. I think it’s the inlaw thing - you don’t marry a man, you marry a family - and as a female, you might end up having to live in that family. That’s hard to stomach for a lot of (western/and some Taiwanese) females I would guess. As a man, the in-laws (or outlaws, as I usually call them) are easier on you - that makes a very big difference. Wonder how that is in Indonesia?

I have an American friend who had a Taiwanese husband, three kids and speaks Taiwanese. Now she has a radio station in Colorado, a Chinese restaurant in SF and a Mercedes in the garage.

I have another American friend who had a British husband, one kid, a mountain of debt and a dead beat dad in an LA lock-up.

Who gives a crap about the size of the prong? Make sure the bank account is big 'cause nobody else is.

I’ve found a lot of threats about cross-cultural relationships here, but none of them seems to be related to foreign female and Taiwanese male relationships.
So here I am, a foreign girl with a Taiwanese fiance wondering about other females in the same situation. Please share your experiences with me. I’d like to know about problems that might come up sooner or later and how you solved them or live with them. Any comments or advices for making such a relationship work? Thanks

Hey…what the hell…I did open a new subject on that didn’t I???
I don’t wanna talk about length and size or sex or anything the like. SO please, stop messing around with my threat and put it back where it was!!! Thank you