Foreigner Banking in Taiwan Masterlist

To be honest, foreign banks are even worse than local banks in restrictions. The best offers I’ve received were from local banks.

It’s sad.

It is possible. I’m currently going through the rounds to buy a house as a SINGLE foreigner.

I will divulge all the works when I finish.


What’s the issue here? How can one get a mortgage without a property?

Be rich.

The Rich making the rich richer.

It’s not enough to repossess the house of deliquents. Need that second house for extra extra extra protection. Not a single dollar that the bank is entitled to should be lost…from their perspective. It doesn’t matter that they have cost themselves opportunities to make more money. A single dollar that they are entitled to getting lost is unfathomable to the Laoban.

Does it say second property? Are they not just referring to the property you’re purchasing by securing the mortgage? If not, is this rule different for citizens and is that documented?

FWIW the requirements are exactly the same in Chinese. They’re not discriminating based on nationality here.

Don’t worry. They’ll do it in person. You won’t be disappointed!

HSBC used to be very clear that foreigners weren’t allowed. Now they are…nominally.

But you also need family members, things foreigners don’t have.

  • Have a property (the property should be owned by either you, or your blood relatives within the second degree, or your spouse, or your spouse’s blood relatives within the first degree)

No, it nominally doesn’t discriminate against foreigners.

But that’s one of two scenarios. Extremely high requirements or can’t give to foreigners.

Loans are worse.

How many pings are we talking?

Anything that’s a good deal.

12-30 Ping

So no kitchen isn’t a deal breaker?

Well, i had a couple Taofangs with a kitchen on the list.

Kitchenette is good enough.


Go on…
Curious as to what happened

Many years ago they were willing to give Japanese foreigners a credit card without a guarantor but not ‘other’ foreigners who needed a guarantor.