Foreigner bringing foreign spouse from a country with no ROC

After searching the NIA website (which has no working telephone numbers) and this forum I am pretty confused.

My fiance and I are planning to get married this July in Tbilisi (She is Georgian National). I cannot find any official information about bringing her here except for JFRV which is defined as foreign spouse/ROC national. The issue is further compounded by the fact there is no R.O.C representation in Georgia. The closest office is Ankara, Turkey (which has zero information).

Does anybody have a clue what I can do? Is there a way for me to apply for this visa in Taiwan? Or do I need to schedule a separate trip to Turkey? Is there a working number for the NIA? I have (800024111) and it is not working.

TLDR version:

  • I am US Citizen with ARC
    *She is Georgian Biologist
    *Wedding Certificate would be in Georgian Language
  • No ROC office in Georgia

Everything will need to be translated into Chinese and authorized by an ROC overseas office, at the very least. What about the Russian one?
If you can do this, she should be able to get a JFRV on the strength of your ARC. This will NOT permit her to work, however.

Why not marry her in Las Vegas and make a proper woman of her rather than some fancy schmancy Georgian wedding. :wink:

Would getting a 2nd ceremony in Hong Kong be easier? Sometimes you have to go completely outside the box when dealing with bureaucracy.

Grats BTW :thumbsup:

Since I posted I received a cryptic reply. I am awaiting clarification but the steps seem to be similar to sandmans.

  1. Get Married
  2. Get it translated into English
  3. Bring it to Georgian Embassy in Ankara
  4. Georgian Embassy Ankara will verify it
  5. Bring it to ROC Trade office in Ankara
  6. They will verify it
  7. ARC and fun

So the real question I cannot get answered. Do we both need to be present to get the document validated abroad? It would be much easier if she could go to Turkey alone and get the document verified. Otherwise we will get married, then fly to Ankara and rush about. One thing that really irks me: US Embassies and ROC offices have the worst service I have ever experienced. I have emailed and spoken to many in my travels, and if I don’t get an answer I will get a reply within a few days. I had the Turkish Immigration office actually return my email request with a phone call from somebody speaking fluent english. The US flat our refuses calls and I just had an email from two years ago about taxes in Germany answered. ROC is so fucking ghetto that any correspondence is hit or miss and they use Gmail accounts :frowning: