Foreigner in real estate of Taiwan

Hello i want to be real estate agent in Taiwan plus what kind of steps should i take to become real estate.

Learn Mandarin
Get a residency
Get a broker certificate
There are two exams.
不動產經紀營業員資格取得測驗 & 不動產經紀人考試

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Real Estate Broking Management Act


Don’t forget to write a blog of all your (perhaps frustrating) experiences.

and then you should specialize in murder/suicide houses and…make a killing.

Is residency necessary and plus aren’t there any diverse companies

If what you want is to reside in Taiwan as a real estate agent, yes, residency is necessary.

If you don’t need to reside in Taiwan, you still need a work permit to work as a real estate agent, which usually give you a residency.

If what you want is a real estate company, you may do it with a local qualified partner, almost without anything but just enough money.

For now the best would be a work permit, but what kind of school should I chose in Taiwan for real estate agent please and forgive me for disturbing it’s kind of embarrassing for me to ask questions.

You may search a course for 不動產經紀營業員資格取得 here.

You should check special entry restrictions due to COVID19 at this moment, though. If you are not in Taiwan now.

For now I am 16 , I plan to go into 2024 let’s hope that China doesn’t conquer Taiwan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

then, keep good grades at your current school, and learn some Mandarin. Then study for a degree in Taiwan with a scholarship. Law department would be useful to become a real estate agent, I guess.

You could also do some research on available scholarships, reputation of universities, immigration rules etc., to prepare for your plan, right now.

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My 16 year old is currently watching cartoon, sleeps 12 hours + ,wakes up, eat and watches cartoon again… And here you are… Thinking of becoming a real estate agent (an uncommon choice for a career for a 16yr old), not in his/her home country but in a different country altogether… I really admire your determination and courage, though I’m not sure how steadfast you really are in your pursuit of your goals.
One more piece of advice, besides mandarin, you will really need to have a proficient level of Taiwanese as most home buyers are seniors (parents of 20-30+ guys who gets gifted a home so they can find a bride). My brother just sold his home last year to a 70+ old couple who bought it for their son and they paid 12mil in cash!!! I also know 2 friends (one Singaporean and one Indian Chinese) who are real estate agents… They have excellent mandarin skills but they always have to rely on their Taiwanese assistants when talking with the old folks!


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Thanks and sorry I misunderstanding you, I am from Montenegro and sometimes I make mistake at English I thought that you used irony but I didn’t read it well , :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Actually, it is a practical advice.
Maybe you could learn Mandarin and English at your country now. It may be easier to learn Taiwanese in Taiwan.

No apologies needed… simple misunderstanding. Like I said, you remind me of my 16 year old son, although you are his exact opposite. :slightly_smiling_face:

Back on topic, I honestly think that you will have a rather difficult, if not impossible, task in trying to get a work permit for a real estate agent. I’ve never met any foreigner who got such a permit. First thing you will need to convince to the authorities will be why you and only you can do the job that no other locals can do…and that would be very hard to prove since you’re selling houses to locals and there are practically thousands of local real estate agents here in Taiwan already. Unless you have a different visa status, like you’re already a Taiwan national, then I’m afraid your work permit application will most likely be rejected.


that is why I recommended to study for a degree in Taiwan. Graduates from Taiwanese universities can get a work permit with different criteria.

i better give it a try, plus if I learn the culture , the language , and I get to a Taiwanese University maybe they could but still it isn’t end of the world if I give it a try

Well that’s what I am going to do, university is the key to the best job.

Would you mind illustrating your interest and attraction to Taiwan? Have you ever been here?

Why Taiwan as opposed to anywhere else in the world?


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This is also what I’m wondering. Why does a 16 year old from Montenegro choose Taiwan as a destination for selling real estate? I’m curious.

To Lama:

After you finish school can you be a real estate salesperson in Montenegro?

Is there a way to get residency or work rights in another country that may have language and customs that are familiar to you?

It would not be easy to move to Taiwan and sell real estate. But you have the advantage of youth, and many years ahead of you!

Your first step is to learn if there’s any way to get residency or work rights in Taiwan. This will be difficult, and probably impossible for a 16 year old. (But no one really knows what changes we may see in politics, law, and immigration trends over the next 10-15 years.)

Tando made a good suggestion: maybe you can attend university in Taiwan. Get an education, learn Mandarin, discover whether you really want to live in Taiwan. However, if you want to attend university then you should consider all options including other countries, and not only Taiwan!