Foreigner Talent Search (big nose optional)

Someone in another thread asked a good question: Why haven’t more foreign faces been placed on television or been quoted in newspapers talking about something of substance?

I really enjoy living here. However, let’s try to kill some of the stereotypes that lay so deeply in the minds of so many.

Just last night I saw a show that invited foreigners (big nose optional) on as guests, but the only thing they were talking about was how much they liked or disliked that lady with the blue eye-liner and big hats, whose name I’ve purposefully neglected to remember.

Why not form a group of 10 or 12 people through this Forumosa board and press for air-time?

The show could showcase foreigner’s opinions on:

  1. typical treatment of foreigners;
  2. experiences adapting to Taiwanese culture (food, misconceptions, religious customs);
  3. jobs;
  4. the expatriat community;
  5. politics;
  6. the future.

The biggest shock of the show: It would be entirely in Chinese! :mrgreen: It would be huge.


Peter Kurz (“Mr. Taiwan”) springs to mind as one of the very few who fill such a role, but I can hardly think of any others.

If they ever need a foreign ogre, I’m the man.

I saw a couple of minutes of what I think was the same show. There were also two Taiwanese women married to foreigners on the show, right? The two bits that I caught were 1) a young Korean guy going on about how Koreans weren’t really male chauvinists. Then someone asks him what he thought about Korean women smoking openly in the streets, and he becomes almost livid with anger. Those bitches! 2) talking with the rather big-boned Taiwanese woman who was married to an African. She goes on about how her husband really loves her body because

============jwar, good idea. let’s start BNTV, big nose TV, channel 39.5 and see what happens.