Foreigners avoiding each other

Wait, if @tommy525 can have $55 meals, why is he going to the laundromat?

Suck it up! Eat instant noodles for a week and you can get a washer and dryer. :joy:

That’s only if you like to drink wine.

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White power!

That’s the white people to avoid. Also, the Miller light and Bud light guys.


That’s his side job.

AKA ‘looney bin stare’?

I tend to see them coming from quite far up the street. Especially if they are Caucasian, their pink bald head stands out like dog’s balls in Taiwan. So I often unintentionally tend to get eye contact too early, and it would be weird to maintain eye contact until within greeting distance, so I look away for a bit. Then some time will elapse and I may look back to check if we are within greeting distance, don’t want to be rude. But at this point the other foreigner is often doing the same thing, and it just gets a little weird with the repeated eye contact, and so now both of us, mutually weirded out, do not bother to acknowledge the other’s existence, and just continue on our way. Am I overthinking this?


You lost me at “pink bald head”


Yes. We should stop walking with our plants pulled down.

Yeah how many cute girls you gonna meet at your hone washer and dryer ?

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Think killer not looney