Foreigners Behaving Badly in Taiwan

Fur baby dad?

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I remember seeing this years ago, even people bringing their dogs to restaurants etc. Seems to have gotten less in recent years.

:wink: m&ms here. Did you know, m&ms taste much better in Switzerland? Blew my mind the first time I had any, but it makes sense they’d up the recipe to compete

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That’s pretty much happening already, well folks bring their parrots everywhere! Parrots are great. And there’s a group that fly their Brazilian macaws every weekend in the parks lol.


They put them in those buggy things now. I think it’s about the same as years ago , yes.
OK bringing a dog into a supermarket food aisle is a bit naff.


I’ve always wanted to bring my dog into the 7-11 since it’d be so convenient to pick something up after a long walk. But I don’t because he barks at strangers.

Many Taiwanese are scared of dogs too.

I also get tired of people not putting their dogs on leashes like every where…even in front of the leash sign. I’ll call them out if their dog bothers mine.

Yeah, I remember ladies sharing their french fries in McDonald’s with their poodles.


FYI They just became a banned breed in Taiwan.

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I don’t think the guy juggling at the traffic lights should be put in the behaving badly category, he was more entertaining than anything else.
People walk up and down selling flowers and giving out leaflets here too and not much is said.


Yeah he’s fine. People were clapping and laughing. People should lighten up.

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Here is one, that broke many laws up north. Seems will be deported back to EU. Not sure others with him knew him, if not then if just customer you get tested by police for being a shop customer, I would not be happy.


Overstayed by four years . . .

This story could also be added to this apparently timeless thread. :neutral_face:


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four years is long, but seems not what got the police there. Seems someone called the police.

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Calling the police on a drug using illegal such a bad thing?

Who said it was?