Foreigners (ethnic Chinese) live in Taiwan LINE group

Foreigners live in Taiwan LINE group
你是住在台灣的香港、馬來西亞、新加坡華人嗎? 這裡有一個群組可以聊聊在台灣生活大小事, 歡迎加入,加入後請踴躍發言分享(台灣人也歡迎, 可幫助外國人解決生活大小事),
請留下您的國籍 和 LINE ID。

Are you a foreigner in Taiwan
This LINE group is to help foreigners adapt to their local living and to enrich the quality of lives.
You can share any information about life in Taiwan.
This group is pure Chinese, but it’s ok if you talk in English.
Just provide your nationality and LINE ID, I’ll invite on Line.

Who are you? Who is in the group? And who is helping

Is this like that forumosa website? I used to like that forumosa website a lot but everyone there writes in English. I can’t believe all those foreigners are trying to have conversations that don’t get taken out of context in English. I think your Line group is a fantatistic way for Chinese speakers to communicate with other Chinese speakers and pretend to be foreigners.


I feel like… there are already more FaceBook, Line, Skype, forums, internet, cafe, sport, vegan, LGBT, personals blogs, buy and sell, second hand, youtube channels, Instagram, Twitter, tourism travel agencies, newspaper, language exchange, search for a job, whatever you call it… groups than foreigners on the island

… like the foreign guy I saw in the bus today… with his wife and 3 kids… obviously not sure about the direction… but not lost, he could even speak a bit of Chinese… he chose the prettiest girl in the whole bus to ask for directions

You noticed she was the prettiest too

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Fixed it for you :joy:

From reading the Chinese, I believe that this Line group is intended for ethnic Chinese people living in Taiwan.

This is akin to a group for Americans living in Canada.

I do suppose that people from Mainland China and Singapore are technically foreigners. (But do people from Mainland China see themselves as foreigners?)

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“Are you HK, Malaysia, Singapore Chinese in Taiwan” is the OP’s inquiry.

That’s funny, didn’t notice that. Targeting ethnic Chinese from certain countries and don’t care about Vietnamese Chinese, Indo Chinese, Philippine Chinese, etc. Don’t Chinese from HK, Malaysia, Singapore usually think they have less in common than more in common?

“Please leave your nationality”. Nice.

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Hi Rachel!
You can add me at xwawa2 on line
I’m a singaporean living in Taipei. Cheers :slight_smile: