Foreigners in ads

I hang my head in shame for the foreigners in ads here. How on earth did that blondie in the bedding world ad get talked into taking off all her clothes? Or is she one of the Russian models that were flown in here.

Some ads are soooo lame, and it doesn’t even pay that much. Which are your most irritating ads featuring foreigners?

I always laugh at that one where the guy jumps on the boat to take the last whiskey. Silly!

Most foreigners in local ads are depicted as idiots … or the ads are idiotic …

I quite like the Bedding World blondie. I figured she was Czech.

One of my most hated commercials was the Dominos one with the foreigner Domino guy saying the phone number at the end in Chinese. I have Jedi mute button quickness though.

I heard that that guy owns Pizza Hut.

Hey, be nice. A lot of forumosans are in those stupid ads. I know of about 2 dozen forumosans who have done ads with me.
Yes, the ads are retarded. But the work is fun and it can be good money.

I heard he’s a Mormon…the Dominos dude.

I know a big group of I THINK Mormon, some sort of Christians, that do lots of ads to raise money for the missions.

I know a big group of I THINK Mormon, some sort of Christians, that do lots of ads to raise money for the missions.[/quote]

Pizzas for Jesus?

Hey man, whatever works!!

I was in this ad where we all had to run and run and run a million times in this warehouse. We all had to stop at this wall and then this guy with the nice Edwin stretch jeans continued jumping and landed on another roof to get to a girl.

we wondered out loud why so many women were running to get to this girl, so the ad was changed. Hahahaha.

I did that one too. IIRC it was a long day and paid pretty well. Was a couple years ago.

It was all cool until I put my hand on the wall to stop myself and the whole crowd ran into me. Pushed my hand all the way back…it went snap. Hurt like a MF…I almost puked. So I was like…no thanks, but the guys wanted me in the front again…grrr. Bought a BMX with the money so was happy:)

Been there, done that.
I once had a casting director call me at the last moment needing “non-blond” models because the director had watched a movie and saw that all the people in the US were not blond.