Foreigners in Taiwan: do you get social support through social media?

Hi everyone :sun_with_face:

I am a graduate student at NCCU and I am conducting this survey for my Masters’ thesis. I need as many foreigners to fill it out as possible. Your help would be very much appreciated :blush::pray:

The survey takes about 10 min to fill out and to thank you for your participation, you will have a chance to win a cash prize:

  • 1st prize: 1,000 NT$
  • 2nd prize: 500 NT$
  • 3rd prize: 250 NT$

Please note that only foreigners (non-Taiwanese) currently residing in Taiwan are eligible to participate in the study and by extension to the cash raffle.

If you have suggestions on how I could reach out to more foreigners in Taiwan, I will gladly take them too!

Thank you for your time :blush:

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How do I set the date for when I moved to Taiwan?

Am I being an idiot here? I assume there’s an obvious solution.

When you click, a calendar comes up, no?

What an I supposed to write here?

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Am I being an idiot here? Don’t you have to go back by month? A bit time consuming.

Oh, okay.
Click on the year and you can jump it faster.

Oh, I get it now. I am am an idiot.

Not really. It’s just not that intuitive.
I saw it somewhere else in the past, that’s why I knew it. :wink:

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I could have figured it out if I’d taken the time, but I am quite old.

Perhaps you should change your handle to AntiquusDickus…


What if you don’t have facebook?

Then you have no social support.


You mean I don’t already get social support from the likes of @BiggusDickus?

Now I’m sad…

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I’ll give you a massage for a price. No extras.


Yea found it after. Thanks!
Also skipped Evilgram as well.

I think the skip to question 10 for not having FB should be skip to 11.

I don’t know which is more off-putting: being lumped together with everyone who is “Non-Taiwanese” (however that is to be defined) or being assumed to be a “sojourner” (offensive for other reasons). Why not contribute to yet another xenophobic, convenience-sampled masterpiece? In case of another run on toilet paper, the resulting one ply tome might come in handy.

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Noticed the skipping fb and ig had different procedures oh well, i think the skipp fb was not guided to the correct ending…
ig was ok

Im sorry i dont use either sites so i feel useless is that normal? Im the guy that loves 8 tracks

the Fifth Dimension on 8-track is awesome.