Foreigners in Taiwan perspective

10 reasons why Taiwanese love foreigners.
All foreigners love stinky tofu. Apparently, even more joy for your family to try and celebrate via YouTube.

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Taiwanese people love the appearance of foreigners, from the clothes they wear to their physical traits such as big eyes, big noses, light skin, dark skin, body hair, or any physical characteristic that are different from their own. You get bonus points if you look even remotely similar to any Hollywood movie star.

Another reason Taiwanese people like foreigners is if they think you can help them get rich, or find opportunities overseas.


Taiwanese love foreigners because they’re so desperate for money they’ll put on any degrading costume.

We pay you, now dance, bitch!

This is how this article is portraying it to me. Could they not have used a better photo than a half-baked (pun intended) Santa Claus?


I wonder if the foreign Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian etc brides feel the same level of optimism? they certainly make up the majority of foreigners in Taiwan.


“Taiwanese people don’t have a good English learning environment yet and many of them can’t speak English well” considering we aren’t allowed to grade below 80%.

Also, this should be called “10 things people lie about Taiwan”


:hushed: for me 90/100 is the minimum.


Because your students are smarter than the students who get 80 out of 100.


I love Taiwan. Overall a great package. Accept the rules and play the game. Take it or leave it.


I made my own rules and still won.

…am I broken?


No, but you did have to lawyer up to get there! A great destination, but watch out for the ride.



Shout out to the people that did win us rights!


Actually I doubt that. Especially ins a sense of changing the behavior of local people towards foreigners. Even if you did in few single cases, it wouldnt have a big impact in the big picture.
My main point was, not to become a crybaby and thinking the world is unfair.

You don’t really know me that well. Do you?


Of course not. Can you read my name? :wink: But I am willing to learn. Go ahead…

Taiwanese people love food, and they are willing to travel to your country just to try your delicacies. There are also many foreign restaurants in Taiwan that do quite well. But this author wishes there were more Mexican food options here.

LMAO maybe if your country is Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, etc


Yes! Wear your mask and do as your told!

I was under the opinion most western people in Taiwan are teachers not pupils?

Then I would not throw stones in glass houses.

You may check my own post history. It’s public.

First of all, doubting statements is not throwing anything anywhere, especially in an anonymous message board. Not saying your comments are untruthful or BS. But you know how the internet works, right?
I would be honestly interested and grateful you point out some main events or achievements or point out some interesting threads, where I can read about said changes you made. Or you mean by public, I can read about it on the different news platforms?

Anyway sincerely interested in your story. Dont worry.

Ok your group organised by a Taiwanese travel company visiting Taiwanese businesses. :joy:

Migrant workers from many of the same country are the majority, and I doubt they feel much love.

This is just another “yea, Taiwan!” blog, most of which have transitioned to YT. If I’m not wrong, it used to be somehow associated with or sponsored by the tourism dep’t. This kind of thing counts as virtue signaling in Taiwan so they can say to their friends “Look how many views I got! Will you really love me now.”
Some foreigners here must have battered wife syndrome. That or they live in a bubble.