Foreigners own properties in England

Hi, I am curious about the how none British citizen can own propeties in England? like what kind of criteria do you need to have before you can own properties? thanks.

and you’re posting this on a forum about Taiwan why?

I thought open forum we can discuss about anything? Can’t i ask any British in Taiwan about properties in England? You are the forum police or something?

Long Live the California Republic!

I’m British. To buy property you need money.

I own London Bridge and I’m not British. I’ve actually got it on the market and am looking to make a quick sale so if you’re interested in owning a piece of England let me know. We can arrange a quick closing via wire transfer payment.

How can I buy property in Taiwan?

What i meant was is it possible for Non-British citizen to own properties in England?

One of my exes was Spanish. I know for a fact that she owned two biros when she lived in Britain.

Why would they not be able to?

Because it’s not allowed in every country.

Iron clad logic there!!!

Is that sarcasm?

Who can say, who can say?