Foreigners that are negative about Taiwan yet still live here

I have noticed this a lot the past 3 years .

I meet foreigners that are always taking a dig at Taiwan about almost everything yet they still live here and won’t go back to where they are from (USA, Canada, Australia etc)

It’s always an English teacher who probably hates his life here but still stays? I don’t get it…

Anyone else noticed this OR feel the same way? Give us your thoughts.


Hmm, there are always people who see the negatives of things and have something to complain about. But that’s not to say taiwan is perfect, but just like anywhere else in the world, there’s plus and negatives.

But I would like to hear some of the major negatives people who come to live here have on taiwan.

I don’t agree with this and it is just what I hear from other people

This place looks like a dump.
The kids I teach have no logic.
It always rains.
You will never be “considered Taiwanese”.
Pollution/other problems.
X and Y is too expensive.
“America is not like this and _____________”

Like it never stops. Then I ask the person. “how long have you lived here for?” and get a reply of, "10 years/12 years/5years:.

If it bothers them so much, why not just leave?

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It’s not just complaining about Taiwan, but from personal observations I normally hear people complain because they tend to focus on the negatives.

That sir…is the million dollar question.

If it’s anyone you should ask, it’s hermana @Icon. Don’t hear her complaining, but she’s got pretty valid reasons not to move back home.

Some people I work with, they complain every…single…day…

Drives me nuts.

I think because they studied some bs major and can’t get a real job in the States that they come here and live a miserable life.


I think it is normal-
I am very happy here and do not plan on going anywhere BUT there are plenty of things i don’t like.
the bad stuff here is less worst than in my countries… so I stay here.
Btw, i live in new taipei and will never eat Taipei food for example ( my choices) – and i am pretty happy here — not a valid reason for me to go back home ( this is Home for me).

Another example: it is wayyyy tooo humid for me ( not hot…but HUMID) - i usually change 3 tshirt a day— well i found a new brand of shirt which make me sweat less or absorb bettter — all good

The key thing is ADAPTATION.
i love the island - love the people ( i mean a certain %) and dislike some of them—

A lot of stuff bother me — but hey – that is life LOL

But got to agree on the fact that being negative is the worst thing!
On a personal point of view----life is good … whatever happen just keep positive.

Ranting about stuff is good— it is healthy - the fact that they complain to you may be a hint that they dont have noone else to complain to… it is not always how it seems to look… They may look happy confident or whatsoever and be or feel alone.

others are just jerks


ps: plenty of taiwanese complaining in a daily basis — where should they go?
you see, complaining is fine and the best thing to do is to stay away from ‘‘toxic people’’ or ‘‘lend them an ear’’.


I think many of the complaints are true to some extent. But there are also many good things here. The crime rate is so low. People are generally friendly and helpful.
Anything can be made or done here. The education level is quite high, and you can see it in the way people conduct themselves.

No one wants people around who complain all the time. I feel the same about people in the US. If they don’t like it, and can’t contribute anything to make the situation better, they should leave it.

People who gripe about everything usually don’t notice how problems seem to follow them from country to country.


Like grandaddy used to say, “You meet an asshole in the morning, he’s the asshole. You keep meeting assholes all day, you’re probably the asshole.”


Similar the idea of the “law of attraction”. You can make yourself have a bad day or a good day.

People just like to vent. It makes them feel better. Let them vent, but just don’t put it to heart. Honestly, don’t let their negatively bring you down.

There’s also people that can take positives and automatically turn it into a negative or they automatically think something is wrong with Taiwan, when it’s really them not being able to accept that…that’s the way how things are done.

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Sorry, I should qualify this to note that it doesn’t apply to Taipei traffic. That there is chock full of real live assholes, all day and all night long.

Try Taichung traffic …Or Kaohsiung…It will make you feel better :grin:

Summers are tough for me it’s just like living in a steam cooker with the UV lamp on full.

Or Taidong traffic…if that even exists.

I don’t get why people think the driving is so bad here?


I get more pissed off with people scratching my car in parking lots.

I don’t get it either, man. At least they have roads. And road signs. And most manhole covers.


As a passenger on a car or bus, you don’t really need to pay too much attention the road. Mostly because you’re a passenger and you’re paying the bus driver/taxi driver to get you from A to B.

Trust me, it’s bad out there.

Did you get your licence and a car yet Andrew?

Because you don’t drive??

Just spitballin here.

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I have one now. I guess I drive the same way like an asshole.