Forerunner 305

Is it anyone here that uses the Garmin Forerunner 305? Where can I find it in Taipei and what should I expect to pay for the thing?

Actually… I want one too. Apparently they are made in Taiwan so someone here MUST sell them…

Why? A lot of electronics are made in Taiwan just for export …

They have just (well, about 6 months ago) introduced a Forerunner 405. The jury is out on whether or not it actually is better than the 305. I have had both and prefer the 405, but many others don’t.
You can get Garmin stuff at Howard’s bike shop and at iRun on Minquan W Rd.
The 405 is about NTD 12,000; if you can stil get a 305 (and I doubt it) you would pay less. I think as well Garmin have discontinued the old Forerunner 305 but I may be wrong. If you really want a 305, try ebay or Amazon, they may hold stocks.