‘Forest’ or ‘Mountain’ schools in Taipei

I’m looking for some school/kindergarten recommendations for my my 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter in the Taipei area.

We have unexpectedly found ourselves in Taiwan after visiting my wife’s family in Taipei for new year from China. We have decided not to return and so are now looking at our options. We have yet to rent an apartment so can be flexible with location. We like the ShiLin area but are not stuck to it.

I’ve read some bits about the forest schools here in Taipei and they sound ideal for my kids needs and our preferences: low pressure, smaller class sizes, focus on outdoor pursuits and may be able to more easily cater to our 6 year old who can only converse in basic Chinese. Does anyone know where we can find a list of such schools/kindergartens or advice about how to get a place? We’ve been in touch with Datun in Beitou but apparently they are full (for now and September).

Also, has anyone put their non-Chinese speaking kids into local schools and had a positive experience? I’d be really interested to know which cater well for kids in similar situations. Would be very grateful for any words of wisdom.

I’ve read previous posts on this issue but not found much that is within the previous 5 years. Apologies if I have missed anything!

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to Taiwan!
Only one I know of is WeGo, but I’m not sure what their younger programs are like. Maybe you could contact them, they might have recommendations if it doesn’t look like what you want.

No idea on forest schools there, but interested to hear suggeations.

That said, foreign looking kids going to public schools, especially in Taipei, is normal now. Still some redneck tiwns around, but its very much normal now and not the bullied or superstar situation it used to be.

Your kids are young, going to chinese classes would be to their benefit and they are certainly young enough to catch up fast.

As for the style of education given in public schools, regardless of your kids race, that is very much up to you. I find it quite low to be honest and dont want my kids going there. In taipei there are more options for alternatives which is good.

Welcome to taiwan. Leaving China will probably be the best decision you ever made for your kids :slight_smile:

It’s way out in Wulai in the mountains south of Taipei, but I’ve heard good things about this experimental “forest” elementary school. They have a school bus that picks up/drops off the kids in the city.


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Good concept, but I don’t know if I’d want my kids on a bus flying down that road to Wulai.

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There’s one up Zhishan Rd. (sec. 2 or 3 I believe) that is pretty close to Shilin. A child of a friend went for a while and enjoyed it.

Thank you all for your suggestions- really appreciated. I’ve looked at all of those and my wife and I are still weighing up our options.

We have have found a couple up Yangmingshan way which we are looking into but will see how it all goes.

Thanks again!