Forget my online banking and suspended because trying for four times

hey hello guys i want to know if how can i reopen my online banking without going to the branch . i really forgot my password there and they locked it because i tried 4 times any suggestions ?

This is going to be completely dependent on your bank.


hahaha i dont know maybe i will call incase after 4 days didnt lift the suspension

Mine usually warns me after two failed attempts that I will be locked out forever if I have two more failed attempts. This is Taiwan’s banking at its finest. Forget your password and you’re just SOL for the time being. I think in most cases you have to go to the branch that you opened the account at and give them every form of ID known to man + NT$200 or something for them to help you rest it.

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Not necessarily. All three of my banks just require you to use an ATM, find the option to reset your online ID and Password, and then it gives you new credentials that you use to log in online. (CTBC, Fubon and ESUN for what it’s worth).


BBT seriously will lock my account if I mistype my password one freaking time. It’s happened more than once. Just call or go to the branch and answer security questions or show ID etc

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I just reset after I fail the third time. Saves the trouble.

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First Bank used to lock me out and require every ID under the sun to reset it. And about 30 min of time. This was 3 years ago not sure about today

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is It china trust? you need to go into the bank to fix it.

It’s first bank. What do you think?

It’s a Taiwanese bank. They probably haven’t changed too much between three years ago in 1995 and now in 1998, right?


Those government banks look like a scene from a bank in America in the 1970s. Old furniture, frumpy old tellers that always look pissed off, everything signed in triplicate, and customers that look as old as the hills all waiting for an hour. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


mine was first bank i dont even have a card reader

Few months ago I did forget my Megabank and Taishin online banking passwords. Both allowed me to reset the passwords with their Web-ATMs.

Web -atms. Lol. Taiwan and its shitty IT!

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Yes! Dimly lit, brown trim and marble, it will come back one day.

Can we have a contest for the ugliest Taiwan bank logo? I will throw my hat in the ring with KGI bank’s:


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I mean a real ATM. They usually have an option to reset your online login details and it’ll give you new credentials to log in with.

However, sometimes the option is only in the Chinese version of the software.

Nice info, I have four bank accounts here (not unusual ) two of them I barely use, and i have forgotten 3 of the online passwords :joy: