So, we had a farewell party for a guy in the hockey league last night and went to a new eatery opened by another of our league members, Joe, and Bongo’s/Coda laoban, Andrew.

Forkers is foremost a burger restaurant; they have countless numbers of burgers on the menu and then endless combinations of what kind (beef, chicken, veg, ect) and how many patties you can add…I had an Aussie burger and it had the lot, right down to the fried egg and beetroot.

They have a variety of other dishes, like quesadilla, sandwiches, and big salads, and all mains can be accompanied by up to two sides. You can even get poutine, a very generous one at that, for an extra few NT.

I was also impressed with their desserts. Being a fan of pies, I went with the upside-down homade apple tart a la mode, and was very happy with it. They have quite a few desserts to choose from, including the ubiquitous fried snickers bar.

I have to say that a full set meal, dessert and 3 San Miguels later, I couldn’t believe that my bill was only NT$640! Definitely good value and I left very satisfied.

They are a new restaurant, open only a few weeks now, so the usual criteria apply to being patient with inexperienced staff, but the girls were all very friendly and helpful with whatever we asked for. Decor is great too, with forks being the primary motif, and they also have a few tables on the patio out front if you’re feeling for some al fresco.

Btw, the reason for the name? Well, they have a selection of burgers (chilli, etc) that are recomended to be eaten with a fork. Hence “Forkers”. Given all the toppings on my Aussie burger, I might consider using utensils for that as well the next time I’m there.

Forkers is at Chung Hsiao East Rd, Section 4, Lane 223, Alley 10, #8, just down the lane from the $50 pizza place on the corner. Was having too much fun that I forgot to pick up a card, so maybe someone else can post the telephone number and opening hours… :blush:

So, if you feel like a burger, give Forkers a try. Joe and his crew will definitely do their best to send you home satisfied!

Thanks for the heads up, ck. What crossroads is that between? I can never seem to remember the locations of the sections. Thanks!

Just west of Yanji Jie. Big Rolex shop on the corner.

Bastard!!! We wanted to keep this place a secret!!

The Aussie burger is excellent. I had that and I swear it brought back memories of the seashore in northern NSW.

But then how will you lick the tomato sauce and other juices off your fingers!!

I have heard about this place! Gotta check it out.

02 2771 9285

Not sure about the exact hours. Open for lunch though I think, till 10-11ish.

Forkers is very, very good. I’ve been there at least 8 times now and am working my way through the 40+ different burgers. I was the first one to finish The Triple Bypass Burger. A full pound of meat. :hungry:

Any thread about burgers that has Andrew’s name it and you know they’re going to be good eatin’.

02 2771 9285

Not sure about the exact hours. Open for lunch though I think, till 10-11ish.

Forkers is very, very good. I’ve been there at least 8 times now and am working my way through the 40+ different burgers. I was the first one to finish The Triple Bypass Burger. A full pound of meat. :hungry:[/quote]

Which day are they closed?

Do you (or anyone else) have a scanned menu to post?

Since it is right around the corner from my office can someone recommend a good cardiologist?

[quote=“elektronisk”]Which day are they closed?

Do you (or anyone else) have a scanned menu to post?[/quote]

I think they’re open every day.
Sorry, I don’t have a scanned menu.

I went to forkers tonight and it was fantastic. The service was great, meals came fast, nice atmosphere, good music. The food was excellent - I had a mexican burger and i might have to go back tomorrow and have another one. Big chunky burger inside a nice bun with loads of toppings.

They have so much choice it took me about 15 minutes to decide and i will be back soon to try the hack burger and some of the weirder ones.

I would suggest that you go here now as it is going to be really busy there soon.

What is on the Mexican burger? Salsa, jalapeño, and guacamole?

Yeah and some peppers and onions (sauteed in a fajita sauce - i think the menu says). It tasted a bit like eating a fajita and a burger at the same time.

Sounds great. Can’t wait to try this place out.

I’ve been there twice and have the misfortune of teaching winter camp within walking distance from Forkers with my workday ending just in time for lunch…

Let’s just say, my Chinese New Year resolution is to get through 1/3 of the burger menu. The only way to be assured you’re getting a good burger there is to pick randomly. Otherwise, it’ll take you all night trying to pick one because they all look (and taste) delicious. And don’t miss their peach almond pie!

I went Forkers last week just after lunch.

…and had a Kobe beef burger, Andrew said it was Aussie grown in the Kobe style and was perfect.

I don’t think it was on the menu (??)…Andrew suggested it after I couldn’t decide as there’s 40 or 45 different burgers + variations of those and other meals to choose from,

if anything, I think there’s too many choices… I almost died of starvation before I got to finish reading the menu!

the meal was good value for money and tasted great… …I highly recommend the Kobe beef burger (that’s if they end up offering it)…

I’m not a big beef eater nowdays, but Kobe is nice to have once every week or so…every other type of beef is a far distant second in my opinion.

I had the Greek burger (tziziki, feta, and other toppings) and was in heaven. I am not allowed any repeats until I’ve tried at least ten, but that is currently at the top of my rerun list for burger #11. Their warm artichoke is fantabulous. Their taco salad is so huge, I actually took a short nap in the middle because I needed a break (plus, I had been at work since 8:30am with only 2 hours of sleep the night before). And I love their upside apple tart. Joe is the coolest guy and he’ll chat with you and attend to you whenever he can. It is officially the favorite spot for many of the teachers at my school and we meet there to eat rather frequently despite the fact that our branches are all over the city.

stopped by with a buddy on a trip into the big city. had a BCMT, or something like that (bacon and mushrooms). twas a great burger, and the sides weren’t bad either. i really liked the whole wheat bun. buddy ate a three cheese burger, and had nothing but good things to say.

it’s a long way from the sticks, but it’s good food.

I was at Forker’s last night, and was very impressed. The meal was tasty, filling, and good value! I had the Canadian burger, with chili cheese fries and a side salad. The burger was great, the chili was even a little spicy, and the salad was good, too! For dessert, I had a piece of homemade pecan pie, and I enjoyed that, as well.

One suggestion though - don’t use baby tomatoes for the burgers - they just don’t work. Also, the waitress looked entirely confused when I asked for ketchup and mustard for my burger. She came with two small dishes of K & M, but with no knife to spread it. When I asked her how I was supposed to put the K & M on the burger, she looked even more confused. “Our customers don’t usually put ketchup and mustard on their burgers”, she said. I think she needs to be told that these aren’t exactly exotic condiments in the world of burgers. :laughing:

That was just a small thing, and didn’t really cause us trouble. As I said, it was good value, and we’ll be back again!

How is the selection of beer and wine in this fantastic new joint?
And, is it OK to linger with the above, with refills, after finishing the meal

Great selection of burgers, as everyone has said, and reasonable prices. BUT, we waited 45 minutes to be seated (arrived there 1 pm on Sunday), my wife finally gave up in a serious evil mood and left, so I stuck it out with my daughter (for which my wife is now threatening divorce – seriously :loco: ), and once we were seated we waited another 45 minutes for our burger to arrive.

True, it might’ve been just bad luck as there was a party of 20 or so college-age Taiwanese ahead of us. But, they still should’ve done better than that. For instance they kept one table out front empty for over 30 minutes because they said it was reserved. Perhaps it was, but that party (of two) should’ve lost their reservation once they were 10 minutes late, given the long wait by others.

Anyway, my daughter and I enjoyed our burger. Not huge serving, but definitely tasty. But my wife swore she’ll never eat there, and I’m sure that’s true. So, I won’t be there often either – pretty much the same as the Diner. Good food but too slow. Definitely not worth it in my case for the seriously insane repercussions. Easier just to go downstairs for noodles.