Formating HDD, reinstalling Windows etc?

I bought a computer secondhand. Pretty good system, but I need to format hard drive, reinstall (English) Windows and Office and I don’t have the software for either packages.
Does anyone know of a good place to have this done? Where technicians can speak/understand English and where they will have the above software in English?

And how much do you reckon it will cost me?

Also these internet packages that you buy in 7-11, are they starter packs or do you need to call in to get a UID and pass?

I don’t think of myself as a geek, but if I had a computer with nothing on it, I would install an operating system that was not made by Microsoft. Wei, wei, wei, calling Jeepers!

p.s. Could someone shift this over into Technology in Taiwan, where it belongs?

You could spend about $3000-$3500, depending if it’s 98 or XP.

There are lots of stores to get Windows in English, but I would head to a larger place. Try 3C or Nova, or Kwang Hua Market. Should’nt be difficult.

Don’t know about the techies speaking much English?

Try for that! Sorry, it’s in Tienmou on Chungshan North Road, telephone: (02) 2872-8544. That website isn’t much good, though, but they do speak English.

Good Luck.


Linux would be a good thing to play on. I like mandrake, but I’m not good with it so I always handle it with care. Mandrake comes with a mail and chat clients. http and mail servers, whatelse. I still don’t know how to set the input system to pinyin:(

Further, I’m not really into linux because I found that I still can’t type Chinese systemwide on it as it was on Microsloth stuff.

If Word is running too slow on your XP, consider running win3.11 and Word6.0. :slight_smile:




If you already have all the software, or plan to buy it, I would be willing to help you set everything up, but I charge. You can email me if you want to discuss it.

You can get pirated copies of most things in Gwan-Hwa Computer market, it will cost you around $800NT - $1200NT for one program. It depends on your negotiating skills. May even be able to go lower, but don’t count on it.

I have a copies (legit) of windows 98 (Eng and Ch) and Windows ME (Eng). Formatting and installation will cost you NT$1500.


Where exactly are the pirate merchants in Gwang Hwa?


Where exactly are the pirate merchants in Gwang Hwa?[/quote]

Look for the young kids hanging around near the side exits, usually carrying some kind of ring binder. They don’t have the product on their persons, but they’ll show you lists of what they have, you place your order and they sneak off around the corner to get the discs from their Fagin, who usually stays well out of sight, hidden in his blue van.