Former IMBA graduates post-grad experiences?

Hey everyone, I am very interested in joining one of the IMBA programs in Taiwan for next year. I would just like to hear some of the experiences other people have had after graduating?


  • what kind of job did you get in Taiwan?
  • did you go ‘home’ and find a job, if so what kind?
  • did anybody go on to further education such as a Phd ?

Thanks a lot everybody!

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The OP is asking specifically about IMBA programs…maybe a merge isn’t really in the best interest of finding the information later, assuming someone answers?

Yea, the other post was more geared towards engineering degrees and such. I’m specifically interested in people’s post IMBA experiences. Thanks again.

Then I repeat my answer:

[quote]My Latinos classmates at IMBA have gotten jobs here through networking. A couple of internships that became full time jobs, or positions introduced by other classmates. Sometime sit has taken a bit of time, others has been easy. Most opportunities are in financial enterprises, big and small. Engineers, as you have said, also are a shoo-in. I know a guy working for Intel making a bundle, full expat package.

The one sthat went back haven’t done bad either. Most already had contracts expecting them, others are already with government organizations so the MBA is just frosting. And teh one sthat have kept contcats for business with us here are coming up pretty fine[/quote]

I mention Latino classmates specifically as teh OP in that thread asked, but I know Europeans and North Americans -Canada, US, I mean- who have had the same experience, even easier as the trade offices and foreign companies from their countries are more. I know of 3 people in my class -foreigners- who went on to PhDs here in Taiwan, one in Taida and 2 in NCCU. Most of foreign PhDs I know here in Taiwan -about 12- are at Academia Sinica.

Thanks for your input Icon.

Is there anybody else with other stories or first hand experience?