Former MP Chiu Yi Discusses Taiwan's Missile Defence on Chinese TV

This, my friends, is the face of a traitor. Does he really think the CCP will rain money on him ny selling the country to China?

Most likely he’ll get pushed to the side after takeover. He’d be useless if they were successful. What short-sightedness.

I love how the CCP will talk to ANYONE who will parrot the party line, because if this unimportant nobody is the highest ranking one that will kowtow to Beijing, then they REALLY are grasping at straws.
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He’s a good DPP voting tool :grin::grin::grin:.

In my country we would have dealt with this . Taiwan let’s just say it’s a more peaceful society.


This is why US won’t send us F35s.


The New Party are extremists , they even want to bring back caning, Singapore style. They really are a bunch of vindictive nasty people.

We need more and better submarines too in case they try to get across the Taiwan straight. They have a limited number of landing craft. I don’t think they are foolish enough to use a huge airborne assault. That won’t end up well for them.

Aerial and rapid attack boat drones, mine the strait. Tsai announced massive building programs for coastguard cutters.

As long as they don’t have the element of surprise we should be okay. Satellites and spies will give warning of any preparation. Our radar here can see right into China. They may attack that first but then everything will go on alert anyway.

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President Tsai is looking out for us in Taiwan that’s why the CCP KMT axis hate her.

The 600-ton vessel is set for launch next month, and it will be put into service patrolling waters off southern Taiwan. It is one of 141 new vessels the government is commissioning as part of a plan to upgrade and develop Taiwan’s coast guard.

In addition to protecting Taiwan’s waters from poaching and smuggling, the vessel is also ready to undertake military duties if needed.


That’s smart language by her. :+1:

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I don’t understand why our navy isn’t the #1 priority. Once it becomes a land war, it’s not going so good. The CCP in theory has only 2-3 spots they can launch a invasion from because of so few beaches to land on. One of them is in the east where they would even have to go around and be cut off from most air support.

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Cane that mfkr!

You can’t blame the CCP, this is our own idiot handing out secrets like candy.

That’s why we can’t have the good things.

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I could agree with some good old caning.

Apparently 50% of Taiwan would sell the country out to China for the right price.

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That’s a bit high.

We’ll find out soon enough .

He has a blog/column on Wechat which is very popular