Former Premier Yu Shyi Kun now LY Speaker

Former Premier Yu Shyi Kun (游錫堃) becomes the 1st to serve highest office in both the executive and legislative branches. He was Premier from 2002 to 2005, and many terms in the LY.

To use a cliche, this is yet another sign of Taiwan further “consolidates” its “vibrant democracy.” It will be interesting to see how the current Premier Su (looks like he is going to stay for a while) and former Premier Yu (both served premiership under CSB) interact with each other.

i say the same thing for kmt.
that’s why political parties on both sides of the pork-barrel trough (same goes for G7 countries) are in it for themselves, not the common person.

So Vice-President elect Lai Chin-te William will visit D.C. What do you think about this gesture?

Tbh Yu is pretty decent. He’s very grounded and down-to-earth. He takes the bus and eats at tiny restaurants snobbish foreigners here hate and stuff. I’d rather have him than some disgusting PoS like Kunt Wen-je in any position.

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