Former US Embassy

Anyone know what’s being done with the former US Embassy on Chungshan North Road, just north of the Nanjing intersection? I see that they’ve covered the whole structure with an ugly metal roof, whcih suggests that they want to preserve/renovate the site after years of having let it fall into a state of disrepair. It looks like it was once a really interesting building.

A timely question, Maoman. See the answer in today’s Taipei Times.

The building is being turned into a cultural center.

The article, however, identifies the building as the U.S. ambassador’s residence, not the U.S. embassy. (I also thought it was the embassy.)

I’ve been here since '72, when we actually DID have an embassy. It was just about where the present Tax Bureau is now located. There used to be a park there, too.

The Liberty Times published a story about this today. An English translation is available at

The cultural center is due to open in August.