Formosa Chang - Junk Food, or Decent Taiwanese?

Hi All,

I find myself at Formosa Chang more often than I’d like given it’s convenience and reliability for tasty and cheap Taiwanese food.

I wonder how do the locals and long-termers view Formosa Chang? Is it Junk Food, or a reasonable choice? For terms of reference, I consider Yoshinoya and MOS Burger as junk food.


No less junky than Yoshinoya.

More like fast food, Taiwanese fast food. At least it is open in the afternoon, not like most bientang places. But you gotta know how to order, it can get a bit pricey. Cheapie it ain’t.

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In between junk food and decent Taiwanese cuisine.

I never get the biendang there- always order the single dishes. This results in a final bill of about 250 nt per person. So not cheap for local standards.

That chain is definitely not cheap. I like the soups though.

I love their rulo fan

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What on earth is rulofan? Sounds like a German cream for treating blisters.




Lurou…classic switching of the l and the r there.


The best is still Jinfeng near Nanmen market.

I didn’t learn with pinyin. I hate it, doesn’t make sense to me.

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According to Wiki it’s called “red cooking”…first time I’ve heard of that.

Don’t listen to them. Those of us who learned pure bo po mo go are happy as clams making up our own brand of pinyin.


Isn’t red cooking supposed to be hong shao?

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I think basically all Taiwanese night market food is taiwanese fast food.
A restaurant like Chin Yeh or Shin Yeh would be more proper meal style taiwanese food.

Both are according to Wiki

I think they are both Shanghai style, not so authentic Taiwanese cuisine, IMHO.

I ate at Shinyeh, if I recall they had some Taiwanese fare and also Shanghai style fare like Icon mentioned.

You see I learned Taiwanese cuisine from local mom and pop places and inlaws so I find it hard to relate to in more up market settings - Taiwanese food being immigrant fishermen and farmer food at heart with a smattering of Japanese and aboriginal influence .
How do you ‘big up’ geng for instance ? :grin: