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Nice to meet you and see the excellent gym-great work setting it up! I look forward to starting soon, and getting the benefit of your knowledge and advice.

Doing weighted pull-ups was fun, and thanks for making sure I didn’t castrate myself in my rush to get started. :laughing:


No problem! Nice meeting you, too. See you soon!


Someone wrote a nice review of us yesterday: … ss-30.html

These are some of the pics he took:

Here’s what it looks like in use:

All are welcome! Still running the April special of just NT1000 to workout this month.


Well it is good sign that classes for fitness are starting in Taipei as fitness is the most important thing which is required our body to live long . I am happy to know about this . So When these are starting and how to join these classes . what are the other requirements in terms of age , fees etc.


if you’re interested in joining, then you should come pay us a visit. Our new location:

Hope to see you soon.


Having fun at the new gym;


We’re very excited to be working with the publisher on the Chinese edition of Tim Ferriss’ book The Four Hour Body:

The book is available here:

The FHB shows you how to build muscle or lose weight quickly, how to use the kettlebell to aid fat loss, how to use the deadlift to get strong, and much more. The tips in the book are things most mainstream people have never seen before and the types of fitness he profiles is what has made our business in Taiwan so successful. It’s very uncommon stuff.

We’ll be teaching a series of seminars on how to do some of the things in the book on Saturday mornings for people that bought the book. Look for more info soon!


Have you bought the Four Hour Body in Chinese yet? If you or someone you know has, then come to our FREE two-hour seminar to learn how to get in shape using the methods in the book. At Formosa Fitness on Saturdays from 10am-12pm, you’ll learn how to swing the kettlebell for fat loss, how to deadlift for strength and fitness, and how to use the slow carb diet to cut your body fat! All seminars will be hands on so you’ll actually learn how to do the techniques described in the book! Call us at 2365-5223 and reserve a spot today!

Folks that bought the book in English are also welcome to attend. The seminars will be in Chinese and English!


The event thread for the 4 Hour Body Seminars is here for anyone interested: Get in shape! Free "Four Hour Body" seminars

This is a great way to learn the material in the book!! Hope to see you soon.


I’m here on summer break. I’ve been looking around for a gym but since i’m only here for 3 months before i have to go back to school i can’t find any gyms without a committed membership. Whens the best time to visit the gym, i’m mostly interested in free weight training.


Andrew, no problem. We have a month-to-month option for people like you. You can work out any time but if you come after 2pm, you can chat with our trainer about joining. His English is the best and he can show you around. Hope to see you soon!


How is kettle bell training compared to the traditional free weight training for muscle growth?


Not very well. I would suggest kettlebell training for conditioning and weights for muscle building, which is why we have both.


Ok, i’m always looking for a excuses not to run for conditioning haha. Just found you guys from google maps. About a 5min drive from where i live or 15-20min walk if the weather is not insanely humid and hot.looking forward to visiting monday.


Great. Give the gym a call if you can’t find it. Thanks!


whens a good time to visit?



I just got back from a week of intense training in Olympic lifting down in Singapore. The goal here wasn’t to lift as much as possible but instead focus on how I was lifting. This clip was taken after about 5 hours of training that day. Chinese coaches don’t play. :slight_smile:


We got some excellent new equipment in the gym this past week!

This is our new half rack and bench. Easily my favorite piece of equipment! So much you can do on this thing and it takes up half the space of our full racks.

Our new lat pulldown. Can’t do pullups? Start here and work your way up. Or good for doing triceps.

Functional trainer is in! This is great for doing tons of various functional fitness movements. A great workout finisher is a drop set on the trainer. Pick your exercise and select a weight, do as many reps as you can, then immediately drop weight and repeat the process until total failure. Guaranteed to promote muscle growth!


We were featured in Apple Daily today!!

Come work out here and tell your friends your gym is famous. :slight_smile: