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It is interesting how the Formosa Foundation is challenging the leadership of FAPA. Namely, there is consternation with the One China policy and the TRA. However, these newest political lobbists don’t seem to quite comprehend that the One China is an executive agreement with Beijing. That is the Shanghai Communiques are unratified mini-treaties on the Taiwan Question. I am quite glad to see this effort on a political question of Taiwan status, but it is getting awfully crowded in the same exact “human rights” clauses of the TRA. Hey, welcome to the Hartzell-led civil rights party. Perhaps our Taiwanese-American friends don’t yet fully understand the international law role of “undefined” civil rights of “undefined” political status. They’re now getting warmer on this issue, but I think they’re going to be playing catch up with their fellow American white/black/and brown residents residing in Taiwan. A little ironic in my opinion, and it is racially hypocritical of just how the Taipei Times and other “yellow journalists” will eschew their “latte” minority readership just because of their ethnic chauvanism. I know that many other Taiwanese-Americans are not quite so hypocritical as the so-called TI establishment can be in the undemocratic practices of plurialism. :slight_smile:

Well, Sandman, shall we? You first.

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As for YOU, Juba, shame on you for not recognizing utter claptrap when you see it. Or should that be praise for recognizing it? Taiwan status, you make us so confused. I swear, sometimes I think its ME that’s the idiot, until I re-read your postings and am instantly reassured that no, it IS you after all!

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