"formosa friends" pet peeve

there is most always a tasty babe teasing us to further investige “forumosa friends”. i know the lure of such got me to register there. sadly, once i get into “forumosa friends” proper, there is no finding the girl. is there a way to “direct click” on the profileof the la mei who has piqued me interest?

Yeah and when you sign up and find a hot girl and she wants to go to the hotel with you, but when you get there you discover it’s actually a 75 year old blind guy, but you still do it anyways and he never calls you back. I hate that!

Call me Mr. Lee!!!

yeah, that too. but it also works on a much more nefarious level as well. that tasy babe paid money to get her picture in that place. the operators of that place took her money and now use it to lure in suckers (like me) but does the girl get rewarded for being so darn alluring? nope, she is hidden away amongst the dross. kinda like that afghani girl on the cover of national geographic all those years ago. national geopgraphic has been profiting off her image for years and she gets exactly 0% of the books her haunting eyes have sold.

Internet women are such a “tease”

That my friend is what is called in the used car business as
“bait and switch”.

She sent me a smile. Maybe it’s just you. :wink:

for those of you who have actually signed up for the premium services, have you felt it was worth the money? did you actually contact someone there and start up a dialog?

Well, I didn’t pay for premium service, but I’ve gotten some attention. And I don’t mean a “smile”. Unfortunately, half the people who write me are from Russia looking for a husband.

I got one of those too, and I’m not even on the service at all!!! No idea where the young lady got my e-mail address from. :astonished: Seemed sweet enough though.


I got one of those russians wanting to marry me and have two kids also.

It’s so flattering!

If I was even more unrealistic,

and rich…

I’d be up north in a heartbeat!

<the pics she sent me were pretty good!>

I’m such a sucker!

Oh, you don’t have to head for Russia yourself, just send them money to pay for the ticket and they’re at your feet in no time :laughing: These guys are really inventive.

What do you guys want on forumosa friends?

language exchange w/ a hottie of course :smiley:

or at least someone we can socialize with…


They always send you someting that looks special. Then you pay the money and find very few, very average, or not interesting at all. And often from some very remote sites (Russia). Don’t waste your money. Find a taxi driver that can speak some english to show you around.

I’ve got her phone number. PM me if you’re interested in meeting her. Here’s a nice before and after picture.

“Before” is pretty GD scary. :astonished: