Formosan bear rescued from trap

Just to show how dangerous humans are, and in the mountains no less:


Lucky he called the police, not a friend with a gun. Glad it got away.

Trapping is the worst form of hunting, despise it. I have gotten my foot stuck a few times as well in the mountains. Hate them.


They should allow limited firearms ownership for hunting and outlaw trapping completely.

So if someone wants a Remington 700 to shoot hogs with, that’s fine, but traps should be outlawed.

They do, but its limited to race.

That’s probably why trapping is so commonplace here in Taiwan.

If you’re han Chinese you can’t get a gun. So you turn to traps to keep your land safe from hogs.

And of course that ends up hurting a lot of unintended animals.

Traps needs to be outlawed because it is indiscriminate. At least when you shoot hogs you shoot what you intend to kill and not kill some endangered animal by mistake. Traps don’t care if it’s a hog or a bear.

By the way it’s the same story in China. Guns are impossible to get unless you’re of a certain race, so people there hung hogs with traps too.

Ya doesnt help much. But hogs ar certainly not the only thing traps are meant for. All manners of life are trapped nd eaten or sold as medicine. See many traps up in trees too.

More guns in Taiwan would terrify me to be honest. The hunters here have almost a negative in knowledge of safety.


It would require a lot of game warden monitoring, but wouldn’t there be some kind of permitting/bag limit system in place?

Like pest animals such as hogs is free to kill but other species are more limited?

Not sure how they can prevent poaching.

And given that Taiwan is so urbanized, people may not watch the target and what’s behind it when they fire. Maybe this needs to be drilled into people when they serve in the army.

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They have monitoring systems in place for endangered species in various areas. Especially parks and protected areas. Game cameras etc. But i dont see taiwan ever being able to stop it. Poachers are taking out 2000 year trees all the time, i dont have much faith in the authorities for noticing animals.

Logistically given the culture and the government, i cant see it working smoothly. Already so much poaching as is. Allowing guns for hunting seems like a sure way to have more dead people here. They will shoot off scooters here at night with a headlight. Scary as hell.

How about shooting groundhogs off a four wheeler? Or prairie dogs until you ran out of ammunition? Those were the days.

Game wardens are barely effective in most places. I doubt they would help enough here.

Never seen a wild pig here, dont know anyone who has. I’ve seen monkeys. The article says the farmer was also using the traps for monkeys. Thats allowed??

I know wild boars are here because I’ve eaten them.

There is no mention of monkey’s in the article.

it was another article, same news story.

What about this twat:

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Lots of pigs around.

Not sure the legality, probbly isnt, but many monkeys are killed. Trapped and more often poisoned on farms. Farmers have a real problem with them as they are so smart and can get everywhere.

Poisoning is probably a way more common thing, but not so much for things people eat. Just a simple mass murder tool. Except aquatic creatures.

I’ve seen beaucoup boar. Even in yangmingshan.

There’s a reason why hogs are basically shoot on sight in Texas and many other states.

They’re smart and they can do real damage to lands. Plus they are aggressive and will attack people when they become numerous.

Yes, Taiwan has entirely too many police officers.

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For sure, but the situation of invasive pigs in the US, annd now of canada, is vastly different. The geography and population denaity being the main one.

They arent so much for problem here in tiwan due to lack of land, land they can roam being fairly extreme mountains, and their tougher meat actually selling at a premium with more than enough hunters willing.

Overall pigs arent a real issue here oter than the odd farmer complaining. And in that sense, dogs are far worse.

One might possibly argue pigs and erosion issues, but it wont stand up past first edit.

If americans learned from taiwan about selling cultural aboriginal stories and made it fun, profitable and stopped retarding a marketing scheme with cultural appropriation BS, the wild boar problem in the us could be handled swiftly and deliciously. It would also, temporarily, take away from the horrendous factory farmjng style we are addicted and give enough of a buffer to figure out a better way. However, people are not mature or intelligent enough to do any of those things, and full circle back to why i dont think taiwanese should have guns :slight_smile:

Or sell to China or other places that have either a great market or starving population. If Americans are too picky for wild boar, billions of other people that are hungry would be thrilled to have it.


this is what i was assuming, although i have nothing to back it up other than the rareness of seeing the pigs.

As for the monkeys, thats fucked up imo. they are just trying to get a banana from the fruit farm!

I have no scientific research to back it. But literally 10 to 15% of my entire life, not just y life in taiwan, has been living and working in the mountains of southern taiwan and thats the opinion of me and the many people i have discussed with. There are really no real predators left other than the rare bear attack, otherwise people. Im sure the odd one gets picked off by wild cats, especially leoparss before we killed them all. Otherwise it seems human devastation of environment paired with extreme habitat in the mountains and hunters keeps them in check. It is impossible pigs in taiwan become a problem like in north america. Not while taiwan is busy with human activity. Again, no publiahed research to back this up…but this non gambling man would place a hefty bet on this point!

The monkey situation is avery very grey area. Humans always are the most riteous of beings and our opinions are always right due to our superior education and technology…please see the shou shan, monkey mountain, situation of killing.monkeys in kaohsiung city before judging farmers. In the end, we all, our high horse isnt yet deserved in my opinion.

The easiest, and fastest, way for the world to curb pollution, poaching, dea oceans and every other environmental disaster is for the individual consumer to make better purchasing decisions. It makes me red in the face to hear all these assholes complain about government and big business destroyingthe plnet, meanwhile they keep buying their shit. Sacrifice to save the planet means using a second hand phine, not choosing between children. It is the market, you and me, that cause these problems. Big business just supplies what we already told them we crave…