Forms needed applying for ARC


I writing in the hope to get some concrete information on how my independent school can apply for an ARC on my behalf: what department would I call?
How much does it cost a school to apply for a for 1 year ARC?

Is it true that a transfer is possible without a letter and new visa?

I was advised from the school I currently work at that I must go to Hong Kong to get a new visa, that the govenment rang and couldn’t transfer because my previous ARC was cancelled (although prearranged with my previous employer). This has taken them all 3 months, I feel they are stalling.

Can I cancel the current application with my current employers and have a differnet school apply ( a friend who I trust). How will this look to the officals?

What benifit is it to my current employers to have stalled to then only apply for a 3 month visa? would this have saved them money?

I think that your questions are fairly complicated. Maybe you should invite me out for coffee so that we can discuss the whole situation in detail.