Formula 1 races

Where is the best place in Taipei you have watched live Formula 1 races with English commentary?

The Brass Monkey

The Tavern, of course over 40 screens to choose from.


I’d rather go to the Tavern and watch Channel Z with that Japanese female wrestling. Do they provide tissues?

So…how about that Montoya…

With just three races left, Montoya and Raikkonen both have excellent chances to win the championship. If Montoya wins the 2003 title do you think he would even entertain the idea of leaving Williams and going to McLaren in 2005?

It will be interesting to see if Ferrari can get it together and does well at Monza.

Anybody going to Suzuka in October?

Montoya’s success is a nice positive boost for Colombia, a country with more than its fair share of problems.

Perhaps I should start watching Grand Prix again. Michael Schumacher has awesome skill and I would never think that he should be ‘limited’ artificially in some way to make F1 more interesting, but Ferrari’s anticompetitive tactics are very unsporting and I just got bored with constant Schumacher wins. Have Ferrari started to come round to public opinion or are they still pulling out all the stops to ensure that he is guaranteed the drivers’ championship?

Actually, this season has been totally different from last season. The championship is wide open. I like Schumi, but he’s just too good for his own, uh, good.
Coulthard is a typical Scottish moron, always unable to beat his team-mate.
Raikkonnen is good but has no spark.
Montoya is just an excellent driver, and Ralf is pretty good too. So my favorite team is Williams. I’ve never liked McLaren or Ferrari.
Driver of the year has to be Alonso.

Does anyone know ticket prices for Sukuza? It would be great if it all came down to the last race…