Fortune tellers and name changes

While browsing the forum, I came across an old post from 2002 about fortune tellers and name changes, and someone relayed a story about a man who had a fortune teller advise him that his surname was unlucky and he should change it (and apparently he did).

There was some confusion over exactly how it could have happened, since at that time, it seems like it was nearly impossible to legally change one’s surname – but these days, now that surname changes are allowed, I was wondering if a fortune teller would be more likely to recommend a surname/whole name change, and how socially acceptable that might be, or how often it might actually happen? Do you know anyone who has changed their surname because of fortune teller advice, or for a reason that wasn’t marriage/divorce/adoption?

I can think of several friends who have changed their given names after visiting a fortune teller, but none who have changed their surnames, so the post just made me curious!

You don’t need fortune tellers to persuade some Taiwanese to change their names. A simple free food promotion will do. :grin:


This is truly one of my favorite things :joy:

On a serious note.
I know a Taiwanese who changed name and moved to escape shady debt collectors.

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Did the person succeed?

You never know. But 20 years and going… it doesn’t matter anyway since that person will never be able to pay that debt.

Common and acceptable. Probably over half the people i know have changed their name. Taiwan is auit open to it. Even when a corrupt bussiness man kills many people out of lack of everything, then changes his name to escape public issues.

Its part of the culture. For better or worse.

Over half the people you know have changed their surnames?? Or just given names? I definitely agree that changing given names is common and acceptable. :slight_smile: It’s the surnames I’m curious about.

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Not most people I’d say.

Half of the people you know sounds shady.

Someone told me there’s a limit to how many times you can change name… Anyone knows about this law?

Yep, 2 freebies and then you’re stuck.


It depends on the reason for the change.

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Go ask the experts :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, its incredibly common. But as you mention, given names are the main change i see in my circles, not surnames. However probably over 90% of women i know changed their surname upon marriage.


Seems people escaping violence, family caused debt collection etc might have exceptions and can change their name more. There are 2 women i know that change their name seemingly annualy because they have psychotic people stalking them. One is a crazy ex, the other has a father with huge gambling and drug issues and borrows money from all the wrong people. She goes to court and the police (cib i think) to get documentation. I dont ask much, but i have known her through 4 surnames and none were from marriage.