Forum for biology? Plants, mushrooms etc

The animal forum suites the need well, but have a lot I want to discuss about plants and fungi which are not appropriate there but are more scientifically aimed with relation to food, life etc. Spans many different forums but curious if one wanted to discuss biology related things that are not animals, what would be the best place? I feel i want to put it in the animal forum section as its more like minded, but clearly not right haha.

With taiwans absolute world prestige in flora, it would be a shame not to discuss it here. Same with the mycoflora here though much less studied equally as magnificent.!

I am not an expert , but I think you could appeal to a wider audience , which would generate more interest , by having a kind of
" The amazing Flora and Fauna of Taiwan" type of thread . The direction can be quite different from just pictures etc , with more technical details.
Just my thoughts .


I get what you guys mean. Seems logical. How about more ecology related discussions such as how fruit trees breed in different parts of taiwan in different seasons, or some such thing. im sure its not of massive interest to all but i know there are some science guys lurking here and would love to weed them out for a conversation. this kind of conversation would be suited to which forum? Also always looking to share pics and experiences in reference to identification of various things, not sure which area that would be best suited :slight_smile:


ps they do put drugs in the fruit here, just a heads up…:wink:

Other than a few people like @finley and the Farmers ( what a name for a pop group ) , the discourse may be very sporadic and fizzle out . I would think a more general thread can still get specific on identification and , indeed, may even get interest from Nature lovers , cyclists, Hikers etc, who will contribute with pictures for you to identify . that may drive the discussion and you "experts " can delve into more scientific detail .

yes, very true. But i am a little unsure which forum it would be appropriate to post it in. Living in Taiwan?

Finley and the Farmers does have a certain ring to it :slight_smile:

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I am not a Mod. , but I would think that is the correct Forum . @yyy would advise . Good Luck

@ranlee and @tempogain are in charge of LIT. :idunno:

Apologies … your many fingers are in many pies , I was confused :yum::wink:

Biochemistry is related to biology? @Xerophytes

According to Baby Jesus :blush:

Of course. Biology envelopes nearly everything.

One easy thing to do is to use tags. We have a “science” tag that could be applied in any forum.

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FIFY :innocent: Back to your music :yum:

Tag is like a keyword right? I am addmittedly ignorant about a lot of internet stuff but will google how its important.

Just be patient with me if one day i go all ocd posting bio stuf fin weird places.

I promise i wont go all out perv gag style like shiadoa seems to want :wink:

Haha … no I was just trying to suggest things to help . Any pervy or anal postings may well be appreciated by @finley and others interested in the subject . Just experiment . Just post away :slightly_smiling_face:

Im starting to worry about your Finley and the Farmers fetish…


He is quite calm if you stay off his land :wink:

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