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You may be interested in this list of Teaching in Taiwan Forums / Black Lists, that I have compiled for my own website:

EFL Teaching in Taiwan - Community Board

My own Community Board: Black List, White List, Recruitment Agencies and Questions and Answers. - and it will not be moderated! This is brand new - so I think that it will take a while before anything useful appears:-) However if you have any questions for me please use this rather than email. As this Community Board is NOT moderated I do NOT take responsibility for anything that is written.

The Taiwan Blacklist

Epact Educational Services Message Forum . Some good recent postings.
NB: This forum is run by a RECRUITMENT AGENCY, I have noticed that some postings made recommending other recruitment agencies have been removed by the moderator. I would assume that he would also remove any negative postings made about schools that are on their placement list? Moderating in black lists sux.
NB: The ‘owner’ of Epact seems to have ‘gone away’ - so the moderating here has stopped - and suddenly there are a lot of interesting postings about EPACT.

Job Information Journal in Dave’s ESL Cafe.

A journal of job experiences from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, North America, and Oceania. This Journal has a very active TAIWAN FORUM. Anything on Dave’s ESL Cafe is definitely worth a read.

Teaching in Taiwan FORUM- TEALIT

Not really a listing of blacklisted schools, more a question and answer forum. Very active with good postings. but LOTS of moderating here!

The Gray List Database-Taiwan

Does not show submitters’ letters, but gives a brief listing of the number and types of complaints received. Part of an International database of Gray Lists: The Mother Of All Grey Lists

For any info on teaching in Taiwan check out my website (non commercial - non profit - non recruitment etc - just a hobby to keep me busy during those long lunch breaks).

I have tried to collect as many links as possible about living and teaching in Taiwan - and I think I have included all the Taiwan Teacher’s Homepages I could find.

Do you want to teach English in Taiwan?

Check out this website:

Click on Taiwan
or on “Other Helpful links”

Hall Houston’s website is a must for everybody.

Good luck!

Here are a couple more black lists for Taiwan: … try=TAIWAN