Forum Rules

Why are the Rules in Italian?

Watch it, are you trying to insultare e innescare liti tra utenti? :wink:

My Italian buddy at Google translated them for me:

To insult and to prime arguments between customers. To)?permesso Insultare and not to prime arguments between customers. To offend institutions and religions of any faith. Racism and every shape xenofoba, also in the comparisons of “neglect to you” in kind. To express opinions to favor of the capital punishment. To demand crack/seriali of situated software trades them or to publish Link to containing material pornografico or that violi the enforced laws on the copyright and on the copyright. Every reference to such reasonings verr?immediatamente removed to insindacabile judgment of moderators. To open 3D and/or post whose tones are provocative or polemici, in how much sure cause of flame. Hostile attitudes in the cares of the other customers of the forum (comprised mod and admin) and incitamento to the lacked respect the present rules for the sake of destabilization. To use the service of private messaggistica in order to operate Spam of whichever kind towards the other customers of the forum. B) Ban of the customers the inosservanza of brought back how much in the understood one it To pu?comportare the immediate bannaggio from the forum, according to the opinion insindacabile of the moderator-administrators of the forum. Flood libert?da part of administrators and moderators to remove customers who also smashing of fact no rule do not turn out in some way destabilizing for the forum. Proceder?al immediate bannaggio of those customers whom, hardly enrolled, they open thread in polemico and/or provocative tone or however when risulter?evidente that draft of cloni of bannati customers gia. A bannato customer the forum not to pu?riscriversi. In case he comes uncovered from moderators or the administrators, verr?nuovamente bannato. If perseverer?in this practical one, with the only aim to contest and to hinder regulating development of post on the forum proceder?con the signalling to the used autorit?competente and the provider. In case of demand from the autorit?competente, the administrator of whom the PC metter?a disposition all the information in its possession in order to help in the identification of customers whom behaviors have held not lawyers. C) Closing 3D If in the course of an argument the topic?data width had to degenerate facolt?di to take part to the moderator also with the closing of the thread or, in the cases pi?gravi, with the immediate bannaggio of the responsible. For the violations pi?lievi of the regulations, to insindacabile judgment of the moderator, to potr?procedere itself to the modification of the indicted message. E’ express prohibited to open new arguments where the argument is the contestazione of closing of topic. All will be sluices the topic “cloni” mail from the same uente in one or pi?sezioni to you of the forum. D) the Political Topic the arguments whose topic is Italian politics puts into effect is not contemplated them and if opened sluices will come immediately. Concurred E’ instead to speak about not regarding topics storico/politi to us the period puts into effect them and it puts into effect it them you leave yourself political. And) Contestazioni the acts of moderators?insindacabile and to pu?essere only judged from the Administrator of the forum. E’ however allowed to ask explanations, not using per?lo public space of the forum. Eventual contestazioni go carried out via email or through the inner messages (Mp) and however in private shape. This in order not to give way the so-called to the Troll to find cue in order to prime flame and to destabilize the life of the forum. F) firma(o the signature) allowed E’ to insert in the signature the link to the own personal and/or situated page, purch?non having finalit?di type trades them. Not?in no case admitted the link directed to whichever system of bannering. E’ possible to linkare the just situated staff or a reference page, even if is advised to use the appropriate voice of the personal profile. E’ be disabilitata the possibilit?di intentionally to insert images in the company so as to to give back pi?leggibilit?al forum. G) I use of the Gallery the shipment of one own photography to the Gallery from insindacabile licence to, always citing the author of the image, of disporne in exclusive way to indeterminato time and own total discretion. In cases particular to potr?essere agreed subsequently, between author and Quellicheilpc, the eventual requirement of a possible one I use of the images published in the Gallery, on situated exteriors to Prohibited E’ to uploadare gross, violent images, to pornografico character and contrary subjects to ethics and the enforced laws, with particular reference to the laws on the copyright, the protection of the animals and to the law on the privacy. P.S . To the aim to avoid abuses from part of single customers it records to you in the cares of the other members of the community, and to concur private communications to addressed they, the addresses of e-mail eventually inserted between give to you personal of the enrolled one will be visible to single moderators and administrators of the situated one, which will be from the song held they to tutelarne the confidentiality to the senses of the norm on the privacy, but various and expressed every indication of single customer. Proceeding with the recording to the forum the regulations it comes declared accepted in all its you leave from the customer who records itself. The regulations come periodically dawned, cos?da better to adapt of the contents to evolversi of the forum and, possibly, to guarantee the better one I use of the forum the customers who use it. Every modification inserted to the regulations comes automatically accepted from the customers records to you, enrolled also in antecedent period the last modification; s’ it invites the customers periodically to verify the presence of new norms to the inside of the regulations of the forum.

Don’t get me wrong, I do read Italian. I do get the joke, none of the “Rules” actually means anything here.

[quote=“ishmael2”]Why are the Rules in Italian?[/quote]The formatting is nice, so we’re using the code as a ‘placeholder’ until the actual rules come around.

I had brunch with Maoman yesterday and we discussed what the rules ought to be like. Basically, they will list/explain how you can be banned from the forums.

If you have suggestions or other guidelines that you believe would be good for, please post here or e-mail them to admin (at)

Btw, I’m glad you noticed the link :sunglasses:

Hmmm…banned? Devil’s advocate I am.

I’m all for a decidedly Italian interpretation of the rules. :wink:


I managed to get banned recently, although I have no idea who by so I’m not going to start giving the new administration a hard time.

Apparently I broke the rules that I agreed to before I came here. Fair enough, I suppose, although I have no memory of ever reading any rules. I presume I must have agreed to them, but I certainly didn’t actually know what they were - even though they weren’t yet in Italian - and the result was that someone decided to act.

May I recommend that arbitrarily locking people out not be adopted as future practise? It breeds resentment among people who may not be aware that they have done anything wrong. For a first offence it will probably be sufficient simply to point out to the culprit that they have broken the rules. A ‘quiet word’, followed by a warning - public or private - seems like a fair response when someone first steps out of line.

Locking someone out should be a last resort, the solution to implement when more civilized tactics fail.

As a practical matter I would also like to point out that banning is ineffective. There’s nothing to stop disgruntled users creating new accounts and returning to plague those left behind. The punishment is basically unenforceable, although a concerted ‘Fuck off and leave us alone’ from the community as a whole might persuade the offender that (s)he is not welcome and should go elsewhere.

So for banishment to work, it has to be the decision of the community rather than a nameless moderator or group. Perhaps a little public debate, in which the offender is allowed to defend his/herself would be in order before taking this step?

Just my thoughts. I’ve been busy anyway so not being allowed in here has been no hardship. My comments are ‘in principle’, not specific to my own situation.

Aww… come on, look at the post that got you banned. Not really innocent was it ? I believe you were banned temporarily while it is decided what to do with you, and the mods decided not to ban you because you are otherwise a good egg, or do you want to appeal that ? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for being ineffective, You’re probably right, but what can you do ? I would give all the naughty people a good spanking, but Maoman won’t allow it.

Big Fluffy Moderator

Did someone say spanking?

Arf, arf, I’ve been a bad boy, but I don’t want a bloke to do the spanking.

Got to save it all for Maoman, right?

Fluffy, I’m not arguing my case. It’s not important.

But you should have more than one way of dealing with miscreants, especially when that one way doesn’t actually work.