FORUM UPGRADE Tue Night 18 August

I’m planning to upgrade to the latest version of our forum software tonight. Hopefully, this 3rd attempt will be the lucky one.

We’ll do a server-side back up first (so a restoration would only go back to that point) and hopefully be able to work on the site immediately. I’ve been having connectivity problems out of China, which has made the delays even worse. Once things seemed to be settled, I’ll re-open registrations

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Looks like we are in the clear

Kudos to David at (our ever reliable webhost) for the round the clock attention and quick response whenever I needed to roll-back the upgrade with a Server-side Restoration :notworthy:

Nice one. Well done.

Thanks, irishstu :slight_smile:

To cap off the software upgrade, we’re going to do one more Server-side Backup. There are a few modifications we’ll be making soon, so if we have to Restore to Backup, we won’t be wound back to an older version of the forums

This means that the site will crash for about 10 minutes this afternoon. Posts will not be lost before or after then.