Forumosa 5 hours down? Due to Sepat?

12.13 till now, 5.45, no chance to get on Forumosa further then the firts pages.
DEBUG mode was constantly showing up with either a samll or a big bunch of numbers behind.

Guess a lot of us wanted to know what was happening country wide on Sepat , though we were “blind” for 5 hours?

So, What’s up Webmasters - Mod’s ?

Glad we’re back :slight_smile:

No, it happens everyday for about almost a year … just bad programming

I blame George Bush.

I still don’t know why is always in debug mode. Anyone care to explain?

I’d also like to know. It happens very often.

I’m betting some plugin is crap and messing it all up.

It happens daily, right? I always think it’s because of maintenance. If not, then this forum system is crappy. Isn’t there a special thread that discusses the forum itself (i.e. the system, feedback, and maintenance messages)?

Right, 5 hour maintenance everyday … in the middle of the day …

I’m starting a new forum website that we should all move to. It’s called It’s gonna be awesome!

Link doesn’t work, looser.

Damn! Must of crashed.