broken in Opera

And here I’d thought the whole site had crashed for days. But when I finally went looking on the Ho for updates I didn’t find any remarks at all about Forumosa being down.

So I tried again in IE and got through. Firefox also works. But Opera continues to give me a few lines of binary garbage, no matter the page. :s

It ain’t working all that well in my FireFox.

Works in my FF (1.0) just fine.

Not a sinlge probelm in Firefox for me.


Forumosa is once again Opera-friendly. Thanks, Feiren. :bravo:

Yeah, no probs with Opera here either.

Thank you! :bravo: :bravo: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Any more Firefox problems.


Any more Firefox problems.[/quote]
Weird. When I log in on Firefox I only get a few lines of code. When I clear the url line and just enter “,” however, I get taken to the home page – already logged in.

Still? Try logging in and logging out and see if you get the error messages now.