Help us promote by sending e-postcards:

( made possible by the friendly people at TaiwanHo! )

If you would like to contribute a graphic as a postcard, please e-mail them to gus (at) forumosa (dot) com

What format do the finished cards need to have? (Size, etc.)

This could be a good way to promote our Spanish forum, because it needs to be language-specific.



I’ve been planning to get back to you about the copy for your fax blast idea (I think it’s great). I’ll PM you about this. Cheers

Would you add copyright notices for the photographer? Or should contributors do it?
Are the captions done by you?

Contributors should add their own copyright.

I hope to add a more prominent link to the e-Postcard collection.

Feel free to specify your own caption or message. Pls note: additions to the collection will be subject to the approval of Maoman and his team

I took a quick look at your cafeshops. You have a great eye! I hope some of your photos and designs can become e-Postcards here :slight_smile:

I’ve been backlogged since Nov-Dec last year… stay tuned!