Forumosa Deletes Posts About Black People (Watch how fast this gets taken down)

Why? People curse and say all kinds of bad things on here, and that is allowed, yet if I ask a question just about life in Taiwan, and what its like for black people in Taiwan it is deleted. That is racist discrimination. How would it be if we did that to Taiwanese people who come to the states? That would not be fair right, yet you do that here on Forumosa against people. It’s wrong and I am recording every post and how fast it is taken down to prove my case, which may become a legal situation. The site may be free, but the site is not free to discriminate, and if you do discriminate i will make sure people know what this website is about. It’s wrong. so go ahead and delete this comment. I promise you people will start to see what you are doing, because I will message people directly to observe what your monitors are doing. I play basketball in the US and Yao Ming is a good friend , I am going to let him know what this site is doing as well as other people if you continue to discriminate. It’s wrong and I just want to know why?

I have a feeling people think you’re a sock puppet since you started posting right after someone who claimed to be black got a lot of people to respond to a thread about racism and then made it obvious he was just taking the piss (to borrow from the Brits the only appropriate phrase I can think of).

This thread obviously belongs in feedback, though.

If I were you I’d contact a mod and try to reassure them that you’re here for what you say you’re here for, and maybe you’ll get a different reaction to your posts.

Frankly, I was with you up to the Yao thing, when my BS detector went off the chart.

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i appreciate that. i am new to the forum and had no idea about the previous “black guys” posts. total coincidence actually. i posted simple questions about how people felt about the issue of interracial dating between Taiwanese and blacks, and it would be instantly deleted. more perplexing was how there were posts about dating between Taiwanese and other races, even offensive, vulgar posts, and they were still up. If “black” or “african/american” was mentioned it was immediately taken down. im shocked my post is still up. guarantee it will be gone tomorrow.

I’ll tell my best buddies Jackie Chan and Jet Li about this racist discrimination when I see them for afternoon tea in China-land.

Be that as it may, you can officially blame me if this gets moved to Feedback since I’m the one reporting it based on it being in the wrong place. Rest assured it has nothing to do with racism, this is just the wrong place for this thread.

How many posts have you made since your stay here? I see your current post count to be 11, which can all be found and viewed if you click on the “Search user’s posts” link on your page.

Keep in mind:

[quote=“Tempo Gain”]Your first post was sent to our Temporary forum because you rudely demanded a response within a few minutes of asking a question, which by your own statement you should really have known the answer to, and which was very unlikely to lead to any productive discussion.

This next question is simply banal, could easily be answered if you had made even a cursory look at the site, and is not going to lead to any productive discussion. Therefore it was also sent to temp. I’m moving this to the Feedback forum where it more properly belongs.

Both threads are still visible: … 0&t=115389 … 0&t=115391

Try reading through some of our posts and getting a feel for the site and these issues before posting.[/quote]

That said, here are a couple discussions closely related to your interest that have thrived on separate forums on Forumosa: … =8&t=98847
Black in Taiwan. Started in 2005 with 134 posts and counting. Many of the responses are excruciatingly detailed and extremely informative. Probably has answers to all your questions. … 5&start=60
Finding a teaching job being Black. A more recent one with 65 posts to date. You’ll see lots of support for the author of the original post from many members here.

Now your topics aren’t relevant to my forum so I am NOT speaking for the moderators who you claim deleted your posts, but I’m guessing IF a post was deleted, it was because said post was a repeat question.

Honestly if you’d have made a little effort to search for your answers you’d have found plenty of helpful responses that can really aid and enhance your experience in Taiwan. In the case of the Black in Taiwan thread, you don’t even have to search for it - A link to the thread sits right in the FAQs section of Living in Taiwan (First post RIGHT UNDER the “New Topic” button).

Since “Forumosa Delets Posts About Black People” does not pertain to dating or relationships, it will probably be moved to the Feedback forum or another more appropriate location. If your posts are justified, I see no reason it should get taken down.

One last thing - this website has been around for a long time. The content here is pretty much all user-generated, and it now has a massive wealth of resource built by past and present members like you and I. Use that to your own advantage! The search function is your friend. If folks see you’ve made a legitimate effort to find something but couldn’t, they will respond in kind with their knowledge and experiences to help you out. … 0&t=115410 … 0#p1482563


Here are some more threads that discuss racial prejudice and problems that black people have had finding jobs here: … 94#p284394 … 8#p1400828 … 4#p1268344 … 08#p893908 … 91#p578091 … 35&t=46866