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I know we have Google and other stuff to check some symptoms Before we consult with taiwanese doctors.

And sometimes we are frustrated if even with Google they can’t understand you or even worst, YOU don’t understand what the heck they diagnosed you.

So how about if this Topic becomes the “ Is there a Doctor in the Plane!? kind of reason.

Hoping that people with experience and knowledge in medicine, mental and other issues related to health can contribute with their review/ pre diagnose or double check if taiwanese doctor diagnose is “OK” ?!

I will start with one:

Yesterday I was under so much stress at one point cuz I received 2 terrible news while i was having a angry stress day at job. When i was at home I learn that my aunt that i love as a 2nd mom passed away and then my bro call me to tell me that mom is getting worst ( she has alzhairmer and is in the violent stage)

All that mix gave me a breakdown to the point I almost pass out and couldnt even breathe. From that moment i got a big headache, that even after i calmdown I still had it till this day.

Today the pain became only a pressure sensation in my right side of head and feel my right ear kind of clogged.

Now here’s the weird part: I started to feel a fluid coming out of my nose, also right nostril.

Feels like when sometime bleed from the nose, u cannot snort it or stop it.

The liquid that comes out is like water density and almost transparent, but with a yellow tone ( like piss)

Moments later again felt dizzy and nauseous . I immediately went to the near hospital . On my way i was google the symptoms and the more likely i found was CSF leaking .

Anyway, once i arrived and tried to explain , at the end told me it was nothing if i didnt hit my head and “probably” is just Sinusitis . I dont have problems breathing, cought or clogged nose or previous headache to consider it Sinusitis :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Now that Im at home, the liquid still coming out from my nose, only when i lean foward. Not when in standing straight.

Here a picture of the white tissue and the yellow water liquid from my nose, I know it might be disgusting but… for the name of medicine.

What hospital?

IMO, it’d be a bit unwise for anyone to expect confirmation of a medical diagnosis over the internet (and a bit irresponsible for a doctor to attempt to provide it without an actual consultation or full details).

People do sometimes discuss particular health issues on here and other forums (certain subreddits, for example) though, but a dedicated Forumosa thread…might not be the best place for seeking medical advice, I think.


Kaohsiung , 大同醫院 . Worst part is that I asked if he can make some test to see if is Sinusitis? I even brought the tissues with the liquid in case they want to analyze. But he just replied:

  • i can only give u medicine. Unless I make an appointment for you tomorrow… ohh no wait, tomorrow is on vacation, next Tuesday is available.

Me: And to check if is CSF , how about am MRI or Xray or just take a sample to lab?

  • No cuz blablabla la ( nonsense in chinese ) , I can only give u medicine or you go to 高醫

I know, but we not always take any advice at 100% . This topic is to feel more “at home” like when u consult to a the doctor of your family etc. To guide you the steps or which clinic / specialist you should go

What does it taste like? (like mucus or snot, or metallic / salty)

And does leakage and headache change with posture?

Go to the emergency room and describe your symptoms and insist on seeing a neurologist. Say you will go home if a neurologist dismisses you.

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That’s exactly what happened :roll_eyes:

So im here at home. I dont want to alarm my wife and children, specially after yesterday news

Im thinking to go 高醫 tmw morning

For what seems like a panic attack?

No for possible leaking out of the brain. Or it might be a panic attack.

For what it’s worth, my unqualified medical opinion is that I’d go to the ER if I genuinely believed I was leaking brain fluid from my nose.

If the doctor subsequently reassured me that’s not the case, I’d likely conclude that googling one’s symptoms should be used with caution.


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The math says you have a sinus infection. CSF is much less likely, but not completely impossible.

People seem to be overly focusing on other things here. To me, fluid or no fluid, this seems more than enough to be concerned about and I’m sure going to Gaoyi to follow up is best.

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Go to another doctor.

I went to the hospital with chest pains the other day. They told me to check my blood pressure. It was high. Then while I was waiting, they hooked me up to an ekg. That made me feel nervous and showed I have a very fast heartbeat. Maybe because I was nervous?

Anyway, I went to see the doc(famous apparently).

I say see, but I was sitting 10 meters away and he was behind a perspex screen.

He asked what’s up?

Me: I had pressure in my chest and now I’m having sharp pains in my chest.

Him: your blood pressure is too high and your heart rate is abnormal.

Me: ok

Him: I don’t know what that pain is but you have two choices. We do more tests or I give you medicine.

Me: what is the medicine for?

Him: Pain meds

Me: I’ll do the tests.

Him: they will be with a different doctor. Three month waiting list to see me.

Me: oh, that’s a shame. :rofl:

Main point: if you are worried, see another doctor


Sounds like a case for @Dr_Milker

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Well, at one point he said he was going to go thinking about going in the morning:

You seem a lot more savvy than me about hospitals and stuff; is this the hospital that he’s talking about?


Under the Chinese, there’s something that looks like a translation of the name:

The fluid presenting doesn’t appear to be milky, so not my purview I’m afraid.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.