Forumosa Entrepreneurship Meeting July 15th

Following on from the success of previous meetings, the next meeting will be held in Carnegies on Sunday 15th July at 12:00.

As Mr He will be absent for this one - due to his enjoying some rest and relaxation time - i have volunteered to act as organiser for the July meeting.

We are in need of a speaker, so if anyone has any bright suggestions with regard to topics or is willing to volunteer then let me know, and we will see what can be arranged.

For those unaware, Carnegies address is 100, AnHe Road, Section 2.

In case we have no speaker we should at leat try to find a topic and the persons attending the meeting can exchange expierences like last time.
I will try to make it next time again, not sure if it works out. Last time was nice so would like to take part of this more often.

After a long run of extremely busy weekends I’m going to try and make this one… in no way related to Mr He’s proposed absence, of course :slight_smile:

As no one has been kind enough to volunteer, nor have i managed to secure the aid of a speaker, then i suggest that we hold a fairly open meeting this time to discuss either a particular topic of interest to most people. Last months meeting was held in this fashion with the topic being the managment of local staff and worked out better than was first thought.

If anybody has any suggestions for a topic, then either mention it here or drop me a pm.