Forumosa entrepreneurship meeting Sunday March 16, 2008

Dear all.

We are re-starting the entrepreneurship club with a meeting - the 19th - at Carnegies Taipei on March 16, 2008. The meeting will start at 12:00 as usual.

Carnegies Taipei is located on No 100, Section 2, Anhe Rd.

The meeting is open for all interested. It is intended for people currently running or interested in opening their own business in Taiwan. The objective of the meeting is to discuss ideas, issues and problems facing business owners here, and off course also to socialize and build a good network to draw on in times of need.

See you all there.

And again, everybody will have to settle their bills before leaving the meeting - also I would like an online indication of who plan to attend, so I can get reservations etc. sorted.

I look forward to see a lot of old faces and hopefully a deluge of new ones.

And we have an issue - I am suddnely forced to move house - should we push it back until I literally get my house in order, or coudl we get someone else to actually be the convener?

I’m interested in attending.

I’m in.

Dear Mr. He,

Many thanks for re-starting the entrepreneurs meetings. Do you already have a topic? If not, I think someone had suggested getting a guest speaker to talk about tax, or having several people talk about tax issues.

I am looking!!!

I got it on my calendar.

OK mates, however we have an issue, do any of you know an accountant, mine does not speak english.

If you can’t get a speaker, it wouldn’t bother me that much. I think meeting other entrepreneurs at a luncheon is great.

As mentioned earlier I am moving houes right now, and that came up suddenly but that’s life. I will show up, however if I can call on my fellow entrepreneurship club members to help me locate a speaker, I will be happy.

Thanks for that Mr. He. I recently moved house as well so I know how hectic it can be.

I called a friend who recommended an accountant to me in the past, but unfortunately she doesn’t speak English. I have a couple of other leads I’ll try, but I share the same sentiment that it will be nice to meet up regardless if there’s a speaker or not.

Dear Mr. He,

 If your accountant is willing to come that would be great. I'm sure there are plenty of people who could help translate for those whose Chinese is not so good! 

 I do hope the meeting can happen this weekend, who knows we may have a surprise guest speaker to talk on balancing work and personal life -- Eliot Spitzer!

Dear fearless leader,

Thanks for taking time out from your house-moving to organize a very fun, and informative meeting. I especially like the fact that we had a table near the balcony, and a nice Forumosa sign on the table.

For those of you guys who didn’t attend, you not only missed good conversation, but very nice and attractive members of the fairer gender.

Again, many thanks! :rainbow:

I did enjoy the meet too, and will try to get an accountant sorted before the next meet.

Turnover was a bit small, however it was a true pleasure to meet likeminded people and talk to them, something I have truly missed. I look forward to see you guys at the next met.

Once I got an accountant lined up, I will announce a date and get a good solid mailing out to you. You are all on the mailing list, or will be shortly, that is, and that should serve as a good in-between discussion pad, if need be.

CYA next time.

Dear Mr. He,

Yes turnover at entreprenuer’s meeting was perhaps light, but the quality was very good. Turnover on Taiex today is very heavy, and stocks are tanking!

For all you single guys who didn’t attend, you missed out on some very nice company.

Sorry that I missed this…when is the next one?

Dear Mr He,

When is the next entrepreneur’s meeting? The last one was quite good, especially as there were quite attractive ladies present.

Also very nice that there was a big card,to stake out the table for the entrepreneurs meeting.

Best regards,

Dear all,

I just returned from a week long stay at a major tpe hospital, and I will need another 8-10 weeks before I am 100%.

I will get back to it all once recovered.

Best wishes for a rapid recovery!

Thank you. I can still type w my left hand, so things aren’t that bad.